5 Strange Side Effects Of Cucumber

Side Effects Of Cucumber

Cucumber is one of the most loved and widely eaten summer veggies around the world. You can enjoy cucumber in a number of ways, either to munch it raw or mix in salad or even as an ingredient of your favouritte sandwich, cucumber has no comparison.

A rich source of water, fiber along with vitamins, mineral and other essential nutrients, cucumber preserve great health benefits as it keeps blood pressure level in check, cools the body, makes skin glossy etc. But you will be surprised to know that this cooling veggie is not absolutely free from negative effects and even excess consumption of cucumber may cause health issues as belching and skin irritation and others.If you are not aware of the side effects of cucumber let us enlighten you.

Here Are The 5 Strange Side Effects Of Cucumber:

High toxin level:

Cucumber preserves high level of toxin properties as cucurbitacins or tetracyclic etc. These ingredients in cucumber often make it taste bitter and worrying fact is that excess intake of these ingredients can be life-threatening. Hence always go for proper moderation before having it and avoid bitter taste cucumber and it’s juice as well.

Gets Rid of Toxins

Skin And Oral Allergy:

Many scientific researches have shown that some people may get allergies after having this summer veggie, especially people who are prone to ragweed pollen allergy. Studies have revealed that people who get allergies from bananas, chamomile tea, sunflower seeds may suffer too if they have cucumber. However, this side effect can be reduced if you go for cooked or grilled cucumber. Allergic people may also replace cucumber for zucchini for the same crispy and crunchy taste.

Treats Skin Problems

Fluid Loss

Cucurbitin is an agent found in Cucumber seeds that possesses diuretic ingredients. But this diuretic ingredient works negatively when you consume cucumber at excess amount and drives a great amount of fluid and electrolytes away from the body and causes dehydration.

Relives Dehydration

Negative Effects Of Excess Vitamin C:

Cucumber pulp is packed with Vitamins and minerals, including high amount of vitamin C. This vitamin is known for promoting good immunity and keeps cold-flu or scurvy and a number of health problems at bay. However, when this element crosses the required limit it becomes pro-oxidant and paves way for number of health issues as pimple, pre mature aging even cancer.

Damaging To Renal System:

Potassium in cucumber when exceeds the maximum level for excess consumption may lead to Hyperkalemia. This health issue makes way for different ailment as bloating, intestinal gas etc. It also stands in the way of proper kidney function and over the time it may damage the system.
Damaging To Renal System

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