5 Steps To Shave Off Pubic Hair At Home

Shave Off Pubic Hair At Home

Shaving your pubic hair has now-a-days turned out to be a necessity to maintain a healthy and hygienic lifestyle.If not shaved,these hair may start smelling and stinking causing your partner to  run away.Besides you may yourself feel that itchiness and irritation with those hair on.Also,men do not prefer women with hair down beneath.During intercourse or just foreplay,women may feel concious and ashamed of having pubic hair,though it’s completely natural.

So it is important to shave off your bikini hair to have a more comfortable ,healthy and confident you.Here is what you need to do.

Here Are The 5 Steps To Shave Off Pubic Hair At Home:

1. Prepare Yourself

Bikini area is as safe to be shaved or waxed as any other body part of a female but also more sensitive than any other area on your body.Thus you need some time to prepare yourself before straightaway starting to shave off.

Prepare Yourself

If this is your first time and you have too long hair, start by trimming them using scissors.just hold the strands of hair tight away from your skin and snip them as short as you can.Be careful not to cut your skin and get injured.Snipping is important because razors are designed to cut short hair and using tem for long hair will clog the blades and make it ineffective or else leave you with patched hair on the sensitive area.So make sure to cut your hair short to at most a quarter a length long before starting.

2. Hot Water Bath

The next step is to use lukewarm water to soften the skin there before starting to shave off.When your skin gets soft, it is easier to shave off and also creates lesser razor marks and bumps.Soft moistened skin is less prone to inflammation through the use of razors.So prefer to take a hot water bath and clean up the area before setting on with the rest of the procedure.

Hot Water Bath

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3. Exfoliate

After having a bath and before starting shaving off, exfoliate your skin for proper removal of hair from beneath the skin.exfoliation also removes dead skin cells from your skin.Exfoliate before and after you shave.In case you don’t have any exfoliation product readily available with you,you can also use a sugar scrub or other DIY kitchen products to do the same.You can preferably mix three tbsp of brown sugar , one tsp of raw milk,one tsp of virgin olive oil and a tbsp of honey,mix them well and use as an exfoliant.


4. Main Process Of Shaving

Apply shaving cream in the area.When you are all ready to shave off the intimate area,hold the skin down firmly and then slowly start erasing the hair in the direction in which the hair grows.Holding it firm down is required to prevent bruises and injuries and also there will be lesser irritation from blades.If the hair don’t go off in two goes ,try changing the direction you move your razor to sideways and if it still doesn’t go off,work your way upwards.Always prefer to move the razor in the direction of the hair. Start with the abdomen area down below and make your way to the butts if you want it all clean.Lastly,stretch your legs apart,hold your butt flab apart and slowly work your way to the butt hole.Though it ain’t necessary to clean it all up,it totally depends on you.

Main process of shaving

Be slow and don’t keep on shaving certain part of the area aggressively if the hair do not come off instantly.It leads to inflammation and reddening of the area which later causes itchiness and it gets really bad when you wear something on later. If you don’t have shaving cream,try using a hair conditioner. Keep your calm and be patient.You need to be extra careful before shaving off such sensitive area.It may take hours.Just find a quite,private and peaceful room for you before you start off.You need not finish off all the shaving in one go if you can’t maintain your calm for long.Take your time and perform the procedure in sets.

5. Wash And Pat Dry

Now when you are done with the shaving part,wash with a creamy soap and water.Later you can also use raw milk to moisten,smoothen and clean the sensitive area.Then sprinkle some astringent to  give you a cooling effect and keep away the itchiness.Then you should also apply aftershave cream or an aloevera gel mixed with glycerin to give some antiseptic cure.Lastly,apply a moisturiser or vaginal creams and wear something comfortable and preferably loose so that even after shaving your skin doesn’t get inflammated and red.

Wash And Pat Dry

Do not forget to carry out after shave care of the intimate area as this area is really sensitive and may cause lots of problems to you later.

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