5 Steps To Create Korean Gradient Lips

We love to gaze at those doll like faces of Korean models who appear constantly in the pages of top beauty magazines, don’t we! Korean women are crazy about beautifying themselves and experiment a lot with the way they put make up on. And the best thing is that when they’re done they still manage to look au naturel but more polished versions. Korean Gradient Lips are an excellent way to add that healthy hint of color to your lips without making it seem like you are wearing a lipstick. This technique works best on girls with fuller lips as it makes lips appear small and pouty. It also makes your eyes appear larger. But before you begin to create the gradient lip make sure that your lips are perfectly supple and moisturized. So, in case you already have severely chapped lips it’s best to drop the idea of trying this look as it will only accentuate the dried up lip surface.

To Get The Gradient Lip Look Follow The Undermentioned Steps

1. Exfoliate Lips

Dip a towelette or a baby tooth brush in warm water and start scrubbing gently over your lips to slough away any dead skin. Moisturize with a lip balm.

Exfoliate Lips

2. Ready Your Face

Wear your makeup as usual before you head towards your lips as you have to have a neat and blemish free face to make the gradient lip work for you. So dab on that concealer on problem areas and dress your eyes with an eyeliner, mascara or just kohl.

Ready Your Face

3. Prep Your Lips

Diffuse the natural outline of your lips by applying a little concealer that matches your skin tone on the outer lip area. Make sure that you blend it well so the color of lips match  the color of skin on your face.

Prep Your Lips

4. Apply Lip Color

Apply gentle strokes of your choice of lipstick at the centre of your lips. Press and rub your lips together to spread the lip color on your lips.

Apply Lip Color

5. Spread The Lip Color

Use your fingers to spread the color evenly towards the outer surface of your lips to create Gradient Lips. Wear lip gloss to add a bit of drama to your face.

Spread The Lip Color

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