5 Step-By-Step Make Up Tips For Oily Face

Most of us avoid make-ups just because we have oily skins. This is a wrong notion. Who said that oily faces cannot be made pretty by the application of make ups? The one thing you need to concentrate is on the proper steps in applying cosmetics.

Here Are 5 Step-By-Step Make Up Tips For Oily Face

Step 1: Cleanse Your Skin

The first and foremost step is exfoliation. Oily skin tends to trap dust and other dirt from the atmosphere. This can clog the pores on the surface of the skin. This blockage can make the skin dull and dark. So use a scrubber like gram flour or oats to remove the dirt as well as dead cells residing on the face.


Step 2: Priming The Skin

Greasy faces tend to smudge and smear the make up after some time. The best solution to prevent this is by using primer. Certain areas of our face are oilier than others. Detect those parts and apply an oil-free primer. This acts as a moisturizer and also keeps the skin bright all day. Do not opt for shimmering primers.



Step 3: Applying The Right Foundation

High definition oil-free foundation is the right one to be applied for oily skin. This foundation gets absorbed into the pores easily. You can use a brush or just rub the foundation with your fingertips. The foundation must be evenly spread on the face or else it will look odd.


Step 4: Avoid Too Much Powder

Putting on powder can give a glowing look but an excess of it can spoil the whole make up. Too much powder can make the stored oil to ooze out of the pores. Use a matte translucent powder to get the right glow for an oily skin. Apply on all parts of the face but put more emphasis on the center of the nose and forehead.

Avoid Too Much Powder

Step 5: Carry Wet Tissues

At times oil can come out of the pores and smear a perfect make-up. This often happens in the middle the day or late evening. It would be better to have wet tissues with you. Gently wiping off the oily parts of your face will give a fresh and natural look.

Carry Wet Tissues

By following these steps, you can confidently apply make-up and add beauty to your face.

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