5 Splendid Spear Tattoo Designs

The history of mankind is full of stories and facts of royalty, battles, winnings in war or losing. Battle means use of weapons. In modern times though advanced firearms have overwhelmed weapons like bow, arrow, sword etc still the appeal of ancient weapons are not diminished. At least in tattoo market and to fashion conscious tattoo lovers. Spear is one of such weapons. Spear tattoo is highly popular now ad days.

Meaning Of A Spear Tattoo

From ancient time when man first learned to use tools spear or a stick or long stone tool that could be thrown straight to hit target became one of man’s primary weapons. the purpose was simply hunting at that time. Later this tool evolved into spear. Eventually this tool became one of the main weapons that helped soldiers in winning battles. Some nations around the world used to use long spear. In history the famous battle of Sparta helped Spartans to overwhelm invading Persian army with long spears. Now spear has become an obsolete weapon. Only in big game tournaments the play event javelin throw represents spear or tradition of throwing spear. Men as well as women can do a spear tattoo on body. A spear tattoo stands for mankind’s ability to hit target without failing, respect and admiration for ancient history of mankind, strength, protection and a sense of classicism. Spear tattoo can be done on places like arms, shoulder or sleeve, thigh, leg, back.

Here Are 5 Splendid Spear Tattoo Designs

1. Simple Spear Tattoo Designs

For tattoo lovers who like to have simple complexity free tattoo on body, a simple spear or an outline of a man throwing spear is most appropriate.
Simple Spear Tattoo Designs

2. Warrior With Spear Tattoos

It is already mentioned that many great battles in the history of mankind were won with spear only. There are some great tattoo designs that show a warrior with spear or trowing spear.

Warrior With Spear Tattoos

3. Tip Or Head Of Spear Tattoo Designs

Sometimes not a full spear is done on body. Instead the sharp tip or head of the weapon is seen in large form on body as spear tattoo. Sometimes there are other images also inside the spear head.

Tip Or Head Of Spear Tattoo Designs

4. Tribal Spear Tattoos

Ancient tribes used to use spear as a hunting tool. That is why tremendous tribal; designs exist that show spear done in ornamental tribal art. Highly recommended to tattoo lovers who have weakness for tribal tattoos.

Tribal Spear Tattoos

5. Poseidon Spear Tattoo Designs

Greek god of the sea Poseidon has a very stylish spear with three sharp heads as personal weapon. Some tattoo lovers like to do this spear on body. Sometimes image of god Poseidon is also seen. This tattoo represents love for ancient mythology and spirituality to some extent.

Poseidon Spear Tattoo Designs

So you like to have a spear tattoo on body, kindly choose from the list given here.

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