5 Spellbinding Lowerback Tattoo Designs

Lowerback is a body part that is located at the end of the spinal cord or at the back of waist. It is a space just above the pelvic region. There was a time when one could not think of exposing such a body part easily in public with fashion attire on it. But as outlook has changed and society has become more flexible in its attitude to fashion men prticularly women are exposing this body part quite easily in public with spectacular and spellbinding tattoo designs on it. Women who have an hour glass shapes body think that a perfectly shaped lowerback with a great looking tattoo will make them look more attractive. Lowerback tattoo is becoming quite a craze among modern tattoo lover.

Here Are 5 Spellbinding Lowerback Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Tribal Lowerback Tattoo Designs

It is already told that lowerback is a space behind the waist. It is a place that is horizontally spacious. A tribal art in serpentine ornamental designs fits here best. It looks quite attractive too. Women are highly recommended to do tribal art on lowerback.

Tribal Lowerback Tattoo Designs

2. Wings Lowerback Tattoos

Wings tattoo symbolizes flying like bird which stands for living freely without bindings. People like to do spread wings on lowerback. Sometimes they do other elements with wings also. There are cross for religious minded person with wings. A heart too can be seen with wings for people who have love in their heart.

Wings Lowerback Tattoos

3. Butterfly Lowerback Tattoo Designs

Butterfly is an insect that has colorful wings. It goes through metamorphosis before attaining final form. This insect stands for change in life as well as beauty, color and living free message to society. Women like to have butterfly tattoo on lowerback. Sometimes tribal art is also done on both sides of a flying butterfly.

Butterfly Lowerback Tattoo Designs

4. Tree Lowerback Tattoos

A tree symbolizes green, nature, everything that is pure and healthy on earth. Sometimes tree stands for spirituality too. Lowerback is a favorite place for tattoo lovers to do tree tattoo. There are several interesting tree tattoo designs available in tattoo market.

Tree Lowerback Tattoos

5. Dragon Lowerback Tattoo Designs

A dragon is a mythical creature that can breathe fire. Though there was a time when dragon stood for death and destruction it is now symbolizes wisdom, magic, power, inner as well as physical strength. Attractive single ink tribal type flying dragon is fit for lowerback.

Dragon Lowerback Tattoo Designs

So you want to have a lowerback tattoo. Kindly choose from the list given here.

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