5 Spectacular Bird Of Prey Tattoo Designs

Animal tattoos provide immense inspirations for spectacular tattoos on body. Animal tattoos include bird tattoos too. Normally tattoo lovers particularly women love to do bird tattoo on body for it provides a message of living freely without bondage. Any bird on body can represent this. But there are certain birds which are called bird of prey. These birds hunt for food. These birds are physically strong and have much developed sensory organs as well as eyesight. Some people like to have tattoos of these birds on body for agility, developed senses and strength. There are some excellent tattoo designs of bird of prey. These are very popular now a days. A bird of prey tattoo can be done in almost anywhere on the body. Frequently seen places are back, shoulder, arms, chest, stomach, side of the body, wrists.

Here Are 5 Spectacular Bird Of Prey Tattoo Designs

1. Eagle Tattoo Designs

When the words bird of prey are uttered the first image that comes up is of an eagle. An eagle is the most famous bird of prey. Eagle is a strong bird which can locate its prey from high above in the sky and snatch it up with the help of strong talons. An eagle stands for royal power, strength and beauty. It is a national bird of country like US. Men as well as women like to have eagle tattoo on body. Plenty of eagle flying designs available.

Eagle Tattoo Designs

2. Hawk Tattoos

Though it is not as big or as strong as an eagle but a hawk also is a bird of prey respected by tribes like American Indians. To these people a hawk means courage and bravery. Red Indians with name of hawk were frequently heard or seen. A hawk also has great eyesight for hunting. Terrific tattoo designs have flying hawk as well as face or head of a hawk.

Hawk Tattoos

3. Seagull Tattoo Designs

A seagull does not come close to an eagle or hawk or falcon in strength. But it has terrific eyesight and agility with which it snatches fish from surface of water. A seagull with this quality represents feminine softness or beauty too. Women like to have seagulls flying as well as a single seagull tattoo on body.

Seagull Tattoo Designs

4. Owl Tattoos

An owl is a nocturnal bird that hunts for food in darkness. For this reason the eyesight or other predatory senses of an owl are perhaps the greatest among all bird of prey. An owl tattoo has spiritual; value too. There are spectacular tattoo designs that have an owl flying with spread wings.

Owl Tattoos

5. Vulture Tattoo Designs

Though vultures are mostly known for eating from dead animals still scientists include this bird whenever the classification of bird of prey is done. There are interesting vulture tattoo designs available for both men and women. Some vulture tattoos have image of vulture with other things like flowers etc too.

Vulture Tattoo Designs

So you want to have a bird of prey tattoo on your body, kindly look at the list given here.

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