5 Sophisticated Mexican Tattoo Designs For Women

Sophisticated Mexican Tattoo Designs

Tattoo makers of today take inspiration from almost everything that is interesting and catchy under the sun. Interesting and catchy tattoos always attract fashion conscious women who like to wear tattoos in the body. Cultural tattoos particular cultures which have historic heritage always attract modern fashion conscious women. Mexican culture is one of such cultures. That is why Mexican tattoos are very popular in the market.

Meaning Of A Mexican Tattoo

Mexico is the country which has an interesting history that can be dated back to thousands of years ago. The Aztecs were true native Mexicans who had amazing contributions in the history of mankind. The architectures of Aztec civilization make people of today awestruck. Besides, Mexico has huge influence of Spanish culture that can be seen particularly in Mexican dresses, art and performing art. Normally Mexican people around the world are known as intrepid and bold. Moreover beauty of a Mexican woman is also famous. A Mexican tattoo stands for the love of the country Mexico, admiration for its culture and heritage. A Mexican as well as a non Mexican who loves Mexico can wear a Mexican tattoo in the body.

Places In The Body Where A Mexican Tattoo Is Made

A Mexican tattoo can be made in places like back, side of the body, shoulder, arms and occasionally in legs.

Here Are 5 Sophisticated Mexican Tattoo Designs For Women

1. Mexican Flag Tattoo Designs

The multiple color Mexican flag with ancient Aztec symbol of an eagle killing snake is a common Mexican tattoo design that can be found in the market.

Mexican flag tattoo designs

2. Aztec Tattoos

As told earlier Aztecs were ancient native Mexican people who built massive palaces and pyramids for worship their gods.There are several interesting Aztec tattoos found in the market that follow elements of ancient Aztec civilization.

Aztec tattoos

3. Mexican Bandit With Big Mexican Hat Tattoo Designs

Terribly intrepid Mexican bandits or desperado with big Mexican hat in the head with Mexican guitars in hands have inspired several interesting tattoo designs. Women who are a bit adventurous in nature can have this design in the body.

Mexican bandit with big Mexican hat tattoo designs

4. Mexican Girl Tattoos

Mexican girls are known world wide for their exotic mixed beauty of Mesoamerican and European. Lots of beautiful Mexican girl tattoos mostly with faces are available in the market.

Mexican girl tattoos

5. Mexican Skull Tattoo Designs

Though skull tattoo generally expresses negative meaning still a sugar skull is an important element in Mexican culture. A sugar skull is placed on the grave of a deceased person on the day of the dead festival in Mexico. Thus  a dead person is remembered by the living relatives on that particular day. Lots of Mexican skull tattoos are found that can be worn in the body as a cultural symbol for Mexico.

Mexican skull tattoo designs

So you want to have a Mexican tattoo in the body. Kindly choose from the list given here.

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