5 Smoky Eye Make-up Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Smoky Eye Make-up Mistakes You Should Avoid

May it be bollywood movies or soap operas or a ravishing fashion shows, smokey eyes can be spotted everywhere and certainly in vogue nowadays.

Smokey eyes can turn your simple and boring look into a stylish and gorgeous one in a jiffy. Though achieving such a pair of eyes is not an easy task to do. Make up is very much like a form of art and to master that you need to follow right set of rules and proper practicing. As smokey eye make-up, if properly done, can give you a bold and stylish diva look, similarly a few mistakes can even lead to a great make up disaster and can make you look like a clown.

So if you are wondering what are those mistakes that you need to skip wisely while doing smoky eyes make up then it’s a must read article for you.

Here Are The 5 Smoky Eye Make-up Mistakes You Should Avoid :

Not Color Correcting Dark Circles:

One of the major mistakes women commit while doing smokey eyes is that they go straight doing make up without hiding the dark under eyes or pigmented areas or puffy eyes. This makes your eyes appear dull and weird. So to achieve the desired smokey eyes, don’t forget to color correcting to cover those eye issues. You can choose green, salmon or orange color corrector and then pick a concealor that complements your skin-tone, followed by rest of the make-up.

Not Color Correcting Dark Circles

Not Using Eye Primer:

Likewise, make-up primer is necessary for the rest of the face make-up so it is for smokey eyes make up. Eye primer not only provide you a fresh look but also prepares a smooth base for the rest of the make-up and even helps to the make up to stay for longer time. This step is a must do one for oily skin beauties.

Not Using Eye Primer

Overdo With Eye-liner:

Keep off using too much of eyeliner while you are going to have smokey eyes. Overdo with eyeliner appears weird and spoils the perfect smokey eyes look. When you are doing smokey eyes make-up be acute and balanced with eye-liner. Don’t apply eyeliner above the upper eye-lash line and also don’t finish off eyeliner application without smearing.

Overdo With Eye-liner

Not Blending Properly:

Proper blending is essential for any make up to get the desired look. Harsh edges in smokey eyes make up not only spoil the real look but can make you look like a fool. Get a high quality eye shadow brush for perfect blending and a seamless finish.

Not Blending Properly

Applying Eye-liner And Mascara Prior To Eye-shadow:

Its really a make-up blunder when you apply eye-liner of or mascara before applying eye-shadow. For this act definitely creates difficulty in blending the eye-shadow perfectly afterwards. So make sure to apply eye-shadow before putting on eye-liner or mascara.

Applying Eye-liner And Mascara Prior To Eye-shadow