5 Skin Care Tips For Your 24 Hour Skin Cycle

Skin Care Tips For Your 24 Hour Skin Cycle

Skin care is not something that you just follow out of the blue. Your skin, like your body has a cycle too. When you sleep, when you wake up, etc. affect the way your skin reacts to different products. Hence, it is vital that you understand how your skin would be reacting at different times and thus work out a routine that helps to calm down the same and get you pepped up for glowing skin forever.

Here Are The Skin Care Tips For Your 24 Hour Skin Cycle:

Morning 6-9 AM

This is the time when you are usually up from your sleep or tend to get up. As a result of getting some rest in the night, your skin is going through a phase of extreme relaxation. Hence, the skin tends to get puffy and a bit inflated. This is why, it is suggested that you wash your face with cold water or room temperature water in the morning. It subsides the puffiness and helps the skin to get charged up for a long day ahead. Now is also the time to apply your moisturizer and toner to soothe the skin.

Oil-Free Face Wash

Mid Morning 10 AM to 1 PM

At this time of the morning, people are usually working and flustered. So adrenaline that fights stress and endorphins that are natural pain killers in the body get to work. During this time, you can try out treatments that are a bit painful like waxing or threading because you will be less sensitive to pain. It is also the time to replenish that sunscreen and ensure that your face is protected from UAV and UVB rays.

Protect your skin using sunscreen

Afternoon 2 -5 PM

Now is the time when the skin is working at its best. It is fighting naturally to ensure that you are not tired and worn out. Hence, it is just right to use a light toner or spray to combat that humidity. You can also just give yourself a splash of water now and reapply moisturizer.

Face Mists And Sprays

Evening 6-9 PM

By the time your day ends, the skin is all tired and dirty and prone to fatigue. You will see that your skin is oily and is also prone to humidity. Normally, people commute back from work at this time so you tend to be more prone to pollution too. Your best bet here would be to use a tissue to just wipe the face for temporary relief. Once you get back home, wash your face with a good, gentle cleanser and apply a light moisturizer. Perfect time to get rid of that makeup too. If you are heading out again, then do apply light makeup once more because the skin tends to get worked up because of dilated blood vessels.

Works as a cleanser


Before you hit the sack, there are some facts that you should keep in mind. One is that this is the time you will be relaxing and your skin will finally get some rest – like you. So apply a night cream along with eye gel that is known to reduce stress and fights signs of aging. A good and relaxing bath or some spa-like experience will soothe the skin. SO now is the time to get into action for the same. Finally, apply a light serum at night and some relaxing lights that will help you sleep better. As you snooze, your skin will again get some rest and prepare itself for the next cycle. Make sure you grab at least 7-8 hours straight.

Use a special serum treatment

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