5 Simple Yet Sophisticated Hairstyles For Lazy Girls

Simple Yet Sophisticated Hairstyles For Lazy Girls

For all those girls, who rarely spend time in looking at themselves in the mirror and put less effort as possible to do a hairstyle, check out these easy hacks to help you daily. It is quite essential to brush you hair or set it up in some style before going to work or a meeting or just to go out.  Here are some easy ways to make a hairstyle that will be approved by the lazy girl in you.

Braided Topknot

Make a high ponytail at the top or middle of your head, braid them, loop it around loosely into a bun and secure it with hairpins. This look is complete in just a few seconds, easy yet beautiful and ready for the occasion.

Braided Topknot

Beach Curls

Those who don’t mind putting in some extra effort the previous night, try this. Apply sea salt spray or mousse to your hair, if you have fine textured hair. Splitting down the middle, divide your hair into two sections and make buns on either side by twisting your hair, then before going to bed, use a head wrap to preserve the style. The next morning, unravel those buns to get an instant beach look.

Beach curls

The Lazy Loose Loop

Make a ponytail out of your hair with only an inch wide strand left out near the bottom. Make a loop by pulling the tail halfway up the holder and wrap the strand around the ponytail. Use bobby pins to secure it.

Lazy Loose Loop

The Lazy Knot

Brush your hair once and then gather all the hair and pull them tight towards the back of your head and fasten it at the edge using a catch clip, allow the remaining hair to flow over the catch clip giving it a knotty and pony look.

The Lazy Knot

Fish Tail Plait With A Twist

To get this look, brush your hair well. Gather all the hair and make a side ponytail by fastening it near the ear with a rubber band. Now, make fishtail plait section by section. You can leave a few bangs hanging down on the other side of the hair.

Fish Tail Plait with a Twist

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