5 Simple Yet Effective Makeup Tips For Sensitive Eyes

Makeup Tips For Sensitive Eyes

Sensitive skin tends to be delicate than other types and reacts easily on different environment changes or at the usage of other skin care or makeup products and when you are having sensitive eyes then the situation gets even worse and as side effects you get itchy eyes, irritation, redness or teary eyes.

But it doesn’t mean women with sensitive eyes need to be deprived from the charm of make up as with proper knowledge and following simple things they too can achieve gorgeous eye make up and steal many hearts. So are you excited to know what those tips are? Well just scroll down and thank us later.

Here Are The 5 Simple Yet Effective Makeup Tips For Sensitive Eyes:

Choose Products Wisely:

Even if you have sensitive eyes, you still can wear eye makeup but being cautious and skilful to pick the right one. Likewise sensitive skin make up, many well-known make up brands nowadays formulating different eye makeup products for sensitive eyes too. But no one can guarantee that all of them will work for you. Hence you need to try out few to get the best one for you.

Choose Products wisely

Clean The Tools Regularly:

One of the most important and must follow make up tip for sensitive eyes is that always keep your eye make up brushes clean to avoid eye infection or irritation. These make up brushes tend to be loaded with oil, dirt, dead cell and a breeding ground for bacteria so every time you use the unclean brushes you broaden the way for bacterial infection. Hence clean your brushes with mild soap or shampoo and place them on a clean towel to dry.

Clean the tools regularly

Keep Off Lining Inner Eye:

Though make up experts suggest to use white pencil to line the inner eye-line as this trick help your eyes to appear broader than they really are. But if you are the owner of sensitive eyes keep off this practice as it may cause eye infection.

Keep off lining inner eye

Mascara Tip:

Don’t use the mascara that is made to give you longer eyelashes. As this mascaras preserve fibers which may bring eye irritation or infection. You can opt for eyelash dye kit but make sure to have a patch test before you put it on your eyes.


Don’t Forget To Remove Make Up:

Don’t commit the mistake of not removing the eye make up especially if you have sensitive eyes. Use a mild cleanser and clean every bit of make up properly from your eyes and keep eye infections at bay.

Removes makeup

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