5 Simple Ways To Get Year Round Dewy Skin

Round Dewy Skin

Every woman yearns for soft and smooth skin with a natural radiance. Unfortunately, for most, maintaining the dewy skin throughout the year without makeup is not easy. Nevertheless, with the right skin care regimen, regardless of season, you can easily boast of natural dewy skin. Here are some of the best skin care tips that you should follow daily to keep your skin soft and glowing throughout the year.

Here Are the 5 Simple Ways To Get Year Round Dewy Skin:

Skin Cleansing

The first step for getting the perfect dewy appearance is to thoroughly clean the skin before going to bed. Select a cleansing formula that best suits your skin. Wash your face with soap and water if you have oily skin. Choose a mild cleanser for the sensitive skin. Cleansing cream is best suited for removing the makeup and dirt from the oily skin.

Regular cleansing


Exfoliating the skin helps in keeping it fresh. By removing the dead skin, it eases absorption of moisturizer and boosts the effectiveness of the skin care products. Use a commercial exfoliation product or a homemade exfoliant at least once a week. Scrubbing the skin with sugar and honey or yogurt and oatmeal are popular options for exfoliating the skin.

Over exfoliation


After cleaning and exfoliating your skin, apply moisturizer. Select a product according to your skin type. Homemade moisturizing remedies work wonders for the skin. Free from artificial ingredients, they are safe for the skin. To keep your skin soft and glowing throughout the year, moisturize it with coconut oil, olive oil or avocado oil. Add a small amount of vitamin E oil to the moisturizer to boost its effectiveness.

Oil-free moisturizer

Hydrating Face Mask

At least twice a week, apply a hydrating face mask. A homemade facial mask made with ingredients easily available in your kitchen is a wonderful treat for the skin. The face mask should contain ingredients that moisturize the skin, reduce blemishes and fight skin aging. For moisturizing your skin, add natural oil such as olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil or honey to your face mask. Banana and avocado are wonderful moisturizing agents that apart from keeping the skin hydrated help in protecting the skin from free radicals. To reduce pigmentation, add lemon juice or tomato juice to your face mask.

Apply Fullers Earth Face Mask

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy skin is a sign of a healthy body. To maintain the beautiful dewy skin, eat healthy foods and exercise daily. Exercises help in promoting blood circulation in the skin, which gives your skin a healthy glow. Healthy foods provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help in keeping your skin healthy.

Healthy Lifestyle

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