5 Simple Ways To Darken Your Eyebrows


Simple Ways To Darken Your Eyebrows

Natural, denser and fuller eyebrows add to the beauty of any regular face. Dull, light, scanty and misshaped eyebrows fetch negative points to an otherwise impressive appearance. Be it by oneself at home or by a professional in a salon, creating that perfect and natural look for the eyebrows is a challenging task. Certain ways by which one can render a darker and denser appearance to the brows are:

1. Pluck, Shape And Fill:

Over plucking of eye brows lead to their thinning and also hamper their growth. It makes a poor frame for the eyes and creates a misbalance of the brows with the other features of the face. Women should not pluck their eyebrows too much and too frequently and thereby avoid eyebrow thinning. When shaping the eyes brows, arching them or evening them out is considered the best option to make them look prettier and fuller.

Ensuring that any extra hair hanging outside the shaped eyebrow is removed is a must as presence of such hair can ruin the appearance of the brows. It is always advisable to get the eyebrows plucked and shaped by a professional in a salon. Refine and darken the eyebrow by stroking them with the appropriate coloured eye pencil to make the eyebrows look denser and darker. Using fillers of a shade lighter than the normal hair colour for the same purpose is also effective.

Pluck, Shape And Fill

2. Colour With Eyebrow Dyes:

Eyebrows can be darkened easily by dyeing them with synthetic dyes specially created for the eyebrows, and not hair dyes. It is important to select the appropriate shade of the dye to ensure that the brows appear natural. The colour of the eyebrows is lighter than the normal hair colour so one should always select a dye which is few shades lighter than their normal hair colour. It should be remembered that even dyeing the eyebrows in a colour similar to the natural hair colour would also make the brows look odd and artificial.

For application, one should apply the dye carefully as per the instructions are given on the dye kit. These chemicals cause irritation and allergy on entering the eyes. Hence one should be very cautious when applying this dye on the brows. The dye should be left on the eyebrows only for the time specified in the instructions. The appropriate use of dye on the brows can enhance their beauty and look in no time.

Colour With Eyebrow Dyes

3. Apply Mascara:

The best method of darkening the eye brows during day time is by applying mascara on them. The ideal way to apply the mascara is simple. Firstly, one should dip the mascara brush into the tube and coat the brush sufficiently with the mascara. Next, wipe off any excess liquid on the edges of the tube and then gently swipe the mascara-laden brush over the eyebrows. Swipe the brush evenly to ensure that the mascara does not smudge and neither does the eyebrow appear too dark. A small touch up after the careful application of mascara helps to create the perfect natural darkened look for the eyebrows.

Apply Mascara

4. Stroke With Eye Shadow:

The simplest way of darkening the eyebrows is by using eyeshadow on them. Dip the eyeshadow brush in a colour similar to that of the natural brows and then swipe it gently over the eye brows. This process helps to make the brows look denser, darker and fuller. To avoid the brows look artificially dark, stroke them gently with another colour of eyeshadow which should be a shade lighter than the one previously applied. One should, however, remember that the eye shadow comes off very easily. Hence frequent reapplication of the shadow is essential to keep the brows looking darker all along.

Stroke With Eye Shadow:

5. Use Brow Gel And Petroleum Jelly:

Applying brow gel or petroleum jelly on the eye brow makes them appear thicker and fuller. This method of making the brows appear darker is more suitable for the night. However, one should be careful to remove extra brow gel or petroleum jelly from the brows to eliminate the unwanted shine and avoid creating an artificial look for the face. One can also substitute these products with hair spray to create a similar darkening effect on the eyebrows.

Use Brow Gel And Petroleum Jelly

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