5 Simple Eye Makeup Looks For Office Going Women

It is office time and you just do not have time to apply the perfect eye makeup. Why do we women stress so much about smallest of things? Getting the perfect eyes for office is not rocket science. You can look pretty at office by just giving few minutes to yourself. We know how difficult it is to get up in the morning and look fresh and pretty for office. We all care about the way we look in any situation. So, keeping that in mind – we have jotted down the 5 Simple Eye Makeup Looks for Office Going Women who do not have too much time to give to themselves for makeup. The looks are perfect for office and they are really simple to achieve. Take a look!

Here Are The 5 Simple Eye Makeup Looks For Office Going Women

1. The Simple Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes can never go out of fashion. Who says it is just good for parties? You can get the smokey eye look for office too. It is easy! Just use a brown eye shadow on your eyelids. You can use kohl or a black eye pencil to highlight your eyes. It will give a smudged look which will appear smokey. Choose a good kohl or eye pencil which leaves a smudged smokey look. Use mascara to thicken your lashes to finish the look.

The Simple Smokey Eyes

2. The Basic Blue Eyes

Blue is the kind of color that will completely change your look. If you want to be Miss Popular, you can apply a blue eye shadow which looks very charming. If you are light skinned, blue can really enhance your eyes and make them look bigger. Do not go big on the eyeliner because the blue tinge will do the needful.

The Basic Blue Eyes

3. The Exotic Purple Eye Look

Trying to get an exotic look? Start with a base and then apply purple eye shadow on your eyelids. Use a black eye pencil to highlight your eyes and make them appear larger. How to do it? Make a curve using the eye pencil on your eyelid and then use the same pencil to color your under eyes. This will give such a nice, exotic and pretty look. You can use a felt tip liner too! It does not smudge. Use a mascara to make your eye lashes appear thicker.

The Exotic Purple Eye Look

4. The Basic Winged Liner Look

Go basic if you do not want too much attention at office. Start with applying base on your face and then color your eyelids with a soft shade like mauve. Mauve is a pale purple which looks very sophisticated. Make a curve on your eye lids which is not too thick. You are good to go! Make sure you choose a pop lipstick with this one which goes with the mauve eye shadow.

The Basic Winged Liner Look

5. Thick Liner And Lashes Look

Thick eye lashes and a thick liner look is very sultry yet it looks great for workplace. If you have your eyes on someone really cute in your office, get this makeup done on your eyes. What you would need is a felt tip liner to make a thick curve on your eyelids. You can get thick eye lashes from any beauty store. Wear a light shade of eye shadow on your eyelids so that it does not look too loud. Perfect look!

Thick Liner And Lashes Look

Now you need not worry about getting the right makeup in the morning. Just take out 5-10 minutes after your shower and you will get the look that you need. You could choose any look – it will look fabulous!

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