5 Side Effects Of Banana

5 Side Effects Of Banana

The sweet, delicious and low cost makes banana one of the most loved fruit around the world. Packed with fiber, potassium, vitamins and minerals banana possesses great health and beauty benefits.Either to boost your bowel movement or to use in a face pack to fight wrinkles, banana has solutions to most of your problems. It is undoubtedly a healthy natural food preserving so many qualities.

But as every good thing, also possesses some dark side, so banana too.Very few people are aware of the fact that too much intake of banana may pave the way for some serious health issues. If you too are one of them don’t miss the article, just read on.

5 Serious Side Effects Of Banana:

Preserves High Level Of Sugar:

High blood sugar problem is one such problem that millions of people are suffering around the world and the number is increasing day by day. According some scientific research banana falls under the glycemic food that can increase the sugar level in the blood to a great extent, so over eating can be damaging. Moreover, high in fiber bananas take a good amount time to digest.

Preserves High Level Of Sugar:


Excessive consumption of bananas can generate headache to some people. As banana is rich in amino acids which helps the blood vessels to expand that often results in severe headache. The problem aggravates mostly with extra ripe bananas.

Removes Migraines and Headaches


Too much intake of bananas can even lead to hyperkalemia. Hyperkalemia is a medical condition where people found to suffer with slow heart-beat rate, abnormal pulse rate, nausea etc. Injection of excess amount of potassium in the body can be one of the reasons to hyperkalemia. Since, banana is loaded with high amount of potassium so too much intake could be damaging this way.



Strange but true that banana can be responsible for your decaying tooth or cavities. Banana is loaded with huge amount of sugar which melts quickly though the starch takes time. However when these banana remaining tucks between your teeth, prepares a breeding ground for bacteria and makes way for tooth decay.



You will be shocked to know that bananas can give you constipation. As raw bananas are rich with tannic acid which often lowers down the emission of gastrointestinal liquid and it results in constipation.


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