5 Secret Eyeliner Application Tools To Beautify Your Looks

Eyeliner Application Tools To Beautify Your Looks

Applying eyeliner isn’t just a hush-hush step that most of us actually rush through. Applying eyeliner and applying eyeliner like a pro are two very different things that can actually make a huge difference to how your end look comes out after complete eye makeup. In fact, getting a smudgy look with the use of eyeliner alone is very much possible. If you’re wondering how can a simple lining product offer multiple looks that can make such a huge difference to how you look, you must know that the secret lies with few beauty tools that aren’t used commonly. Have a closer look at our list of 5 handy tools that might be unconventional, but will make a major change to your eyeliner habits.

1. Spoon:

You might laugh this off at first, but the kind of vivid looks a spoon can give are breathtaking. They work the very much way cello tapes and stencils work. Their concave as well as convex curve and large handle, all can be used to apply eyeliner innovatively. Simply draw a line against the part you desire to draw the liner as. You can also use the edge of its curve by placing it on top of the thick and wet eyeliner to get a semi-smudged look. Spoons are your best bets and wisest calls if you’re just beginning trying your hand at doing eyeliner in an unorthodox way to adhere different looks.


2.Cotton Earbuds:

Yes, we are talking about the wax cleaning buds. They actually work wonders when used precisely to get a smokey look. You can use a liquid liner to draw a thin line and smudge it in a similar pattern before the liner gets dry. You can also use a moist cotton bud to smudge your eyeliner without messing it. Gently brush upward strokes with it after your built up thick eyeliner line gets dry. You can also add glitters on the cotton bud and stroke it gently along the smudged liner to give your eyes a sparkling look.

Cotton Earbuds

3. Kajal Pencil:

Agreed that normal kajal pencil can be used as an eyeliner alone, but it cannot give you the freedom to adhere a professional cat eye pattern. Instead, dip your blunt Kajal pencil in your liner, and draw a thin line on your upper lids normally and stretch the stroke outward. Now draw another similar line starting at the inner tip of your eye leaving space between the two lines finally get. Leave a larger concave line stretched outward for the upper eyeliner line. Now dip the pencil in a liner (any colour of your choice) and glitters to fill the space in between and join the two strokes. This will give you a lasting and precisely sketched cat eye look.

Kajal Pencil

4. Paint Brush:

Applying liner is much like painting, isn’t it? So, why not use a paint brush with smooth bristles and a sharp tip to apply eyeliner? This one tool will actually prove to be a transforming habit for women who love thicker liner, without it getting smudged or heavy. Thicker liner look is usually achieved by building up layers over layers. It not just makes you feel some heaviness over the lids, but also have slight messy corners. But if you use a paintbrush to directly apply the eyeliner, it will give you a seamless thicker line without getting uneven, in a single stroke.

Paint Brush

5. Eyeshadow Brush:

Confused? Don’t be. Eyeshadow brush is multipurpose and quite unconventional to do your eyeliner a little differently. Once you are done applying the liner on your lids, you can actually stroke it in upward direction over the liner, while it’s still wet. This will give you a unique uneven smudged look that will still be controlled and non messy. And the bottom base line will still remain intact and thick

Eyeshadow Brush

And with the above listed out-of-the-way 5 eyeliner tools, you are all set to flaunt the look you never imagined of having without the help of a makeup artist.

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