5 Rocking Mad Max Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

Arts and entertainment always have served as inspirations for aweinspiring tattoo designs. This field includes music, painting, literature and movies. Hit movies have given birth to many interesting tattoos. In this way Mad Max series of movies have given birth to rocking tattoo designs. These tattoos are very popular among tattoo lovers.

Meaning Of Mad Max Tattoos

The first movie of Mad Max series  came out in 1979. It showed a police officer Max Rockatansky in hot pursuit of a gang of murderous bikers who killed his wife and baby son. It became a huge and cult hit. The striking feature of this film series is the post apocalyptic earth dreamed up by film maker George Miller. The earth has become barren like desert after huge oil crisis. The recent entry in the series is Mad Max fury road. The movie not only became a huge success but has earned six Oscars in recent past. Mad Max tattoos cover the elements and characters of the film series. A Mad Max tattoo stands for love and respect for the film series, sci fi concept and as a whole love for action adventure entertainment.

A Mad Max tattoo can be done in places like back, arms, shoulder, upper front part, side of the body, legs.

Here Are 5 Rocking Mad Max Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Road Warrior Tattoo Designs

Road warrior is the second film in Mad Max film series. Film critics consider it as one of the best genre films ever made. There are some interesting Road warrior tattoos that show actor Mel Gibson in Max outfit.

Road warrior tattoo designs

2. Max In Mad Max Fury Road Tattoos

The main character Max spends almost one third part in the new film Mad Max fury road, with a small steel cage around his mouth. There are interesting tattoo designs that show this image. A favorite Mad Max tattoo for fans.

Max in Mad Max fury road tattoos

3. Immortan Joe Tattoo Designs

Immortan Joe is the villain of the new film. This character is a warlord who has enslaved people specially women for heinous purpose. There are several Mad Max tattoos that have Immortan Joe image following the movie.

Immortan Joe tattoo designs

4. Furiosa Tattoo Designs

Furiosa is the leading female character of the new Mad Max film. This character revolts against Immortan Joe and rescues a bunch of slave ladies from him. Furiosa is a fierce female warrior. Women who like adventure can have a Furiosa tattoo on body. Tattoo designs show Furiosa image as seen in the film.

Furiosa tattoo designs

5. Steering Wheel With Skull Tattoo Designs

Mad Max films show interesting futuristic designs of cars. The new film has detachable steering wheels with skull in center. Several Mad Max tattoo have this image for tattoo lovers. So you want to have a Mad Max tattoo on your body, kindly choose from the list given here.

Steering wheel with skull tattoo designs