5 Remedial Measures For Hair Fall During Pre And Post Pregnancy

5 Remedial Measures For Hair Fall During Pre And Post Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be defined as the most blessed and proud phrase of a woman’s life. The joy of bringing a new life to this world is divine and out of the world feeling. However, every good thing comes with a price, though its little still frustrating enough to steal the night’s sleep of woman during her pregnancy or post-pregnancy is hair fall.

Losing patches of hair on daily basis is horrifying site for every woman. According to health experts, fluctuation of hormone level, drastic changes in the body, stress, requirement of different nutrient in different phrases of pregnancy are the major causes of hair fall.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to prevent it. With simple changes in your life-style, diet, hair care etc. you can keep hair fall problem at bay. Wondering what they are? Just read on and thank us later.

Here Are The 5 Remedial Measures For Hair Fall During Pre And Post Pregnancy

Eliminate Stress:

One of the major reasons for hair fall is stress. During pregnancy many women stress a lot that not only leads to hair loss but also affects badly on overall health and the health of the baby as well. So to release stress and anxiety you can do yoga, meditation and light exercises. This not only helps you during pregnancy but also after the delivery.

Eliminate Stress

Pick Hair Care Products Wisely:

Wash your hair on daily basis or on alternate days according to requirement. Try to avoid chemical laden hair products during pregnancy. Instead go natural and look for the products which are enriched with biotin or silica. These products tend to be mild and strengthen hair follicles.

Pick Hair Care Products Wisely

Healthy Diet:

Having a healthy diet not only helps to control hair fall during pregnancy or post pregnancy but it can keep many other health issues at bay. Hence add foods to your regular diet which are loaded with anti-oxidants, dairy foods, protein, iron, zinc, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acid etc. as these foods prevent hair loss and also stimulate hair growth. So update your diet by stapling fish, meat, eggs, green and vegetables, sea food etc.

healthy diet

Try Comfort Hairstyles:

As hair follicles are prone to be delicate during pregnancy or post pregnancy so getting harsh on them during that time can cause hair loss. So choose hairstyles which are not stressful as loose braids or ponytails etc. Using heat generating hair styling products like straightner, curler, blow dryer too much can also be harmful during pregnancy so try using them as less as you can.

Try Comfort Hairstyles

See You Doctor For Hormonal Balance:

Hormonal fluctuation due to Pregnancy can cause hair loss so women who are suffering chronic hair fall may see their doctor for help with medication.

See You Doctor For Hormonal Balance

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