5 Remarkable Rabbit Tattoo Designs

Fashion conscious people who like to have tattoos on body normally  prefer animals which are big, strong. But with this there are some small animals which eat plants, herbs and at the same time are soft as well as vulnerable. These animals are also preferred by tattoo lovers. Rabbit is one of such small animals. Women specially love to have rabbit tattoo on body. There are lots of interesting designs of rabbit tattoo.

Meaning Of A Rabbit Tattoo

Everybody knows that rabbit is a soft, adorable creature that loves to play and hop on hind legs. Rabbits have two big ears. Rabbits are always liked by children and women. In ancient Britain a rabbit had spiritual significance and stood for fertility. White rabbit particularly symbolized kind of purity. Rabbit is a creature which has a place in literature and other art forms too. Any body can easily remember classic tale Alice in the Wonderland or Bugs Bunny the mischievous rabbit from famous Hollywood cartoons. There are several rabbit tattoo designs found in the market. A rabbit tattoo stands for beauty that comes from soft vulnerability, playfulness, intelligence, cleverness, symbol of nature, spirituality, purity, A rabbit tattoo can be done in places like arms, neck, thighs, legs, lower abdomen, upper chest, back.

Here Are 5 Remarkable Rabbit Tattoo Designs

1. Simple Rabbit Tattoo Designs

Most of the rabbit tattoos in the market are very stylish and have other elements with rabbit image. But there are some simple tattoos that have no stylish material. These are fit for persons who like to have simple rabbit tattoo on body.
Simple Rabbit Tattoo Designs

2. Rabbit Head Or Face Tattoos

Instead of a full figure rabbit just a rabbit face or head with eyes reflecting cunning and intelligence are found aplenty in tattoo market. Most of the designs are very stylish. These have other elements with rabbit head.

Rabbit Head Or Face Tattoos

3. White Rabbit Tattoo Designs

It is already mentioned that white rabbit is a creature reference of which is frequently found in classic literature and art forms like animated cartoons. There are several designs of this white rabbit. Women like the particular design that follows the book Alice in the Wonderland.

White Rabbit Tattoo Designs

4. Bugs Bunny Tattoos

Bugs bunny is a famous character from animated cartoon series. People who like to have rabbit tattoos on body for cunning, intelligence and respect for art form like animation can have a Bugs bunny tattoo on body.

Bugs Bunny Tattoos

5. Tribal Rabbit Tattoo Designs

Every generic tattoo has a tribal ornamental design of its own. There are some terrific rabbit tribal tattoos done in black ink. A must have tattoo for tattoo lovers who like tribal art.

Tribal Rabbit Tattoo Designs

So you like to have a rabbit tattoo on body, kindly choose from the list given here.

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