5 Quick Party Ready Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Are you set for the party tonight? Wait! You are worried about your hair and so you are here to know about the a good hairstyle for your curly hair. You do not need to worry because you can do so much with your naturally curly hair. We personally love curly hair for the fact that it looks so much fun and lively. We are here to help you to choose the best hairstyle for the party. We have listed the 5 Quick Party Ready Hairstyles for Curly Hair that will actually turn heads. You should seriously think of trying these! Take a look!

Here Are 5 Quick Party Ready Hairstyles For Curly Hair

1. Bow Bun Updo

This is a charming hairstyle! The bow bun on top of your head will look very sweet and perfect for a party. All you need to do is make a high ponytail and then create a loop with your hair. Pull apart your bun and create two loops out of it. You will get a bow shape. Secure this bow bun with bobby pins and it is THAT easy! This will actually make everyone in the party go, ”wow”!

Bow Bun Updo

2. Loose Romantic Updo

The loose romantic updo is a great hairstyle for naturally curly hair. You can get the romantic look with this. It looks great with long flowing gowns too! You can actually wear this with a pretty long dress and look dazzling. All you would need to do is divide your hair into 3 equal sections. Braid your central hair loosely and make a cute bun of the braid. Now braid the two side sections and wrap both around the bun in the center. It looks complex but it is very easy to make!

Loose Romantic Updo

3. Sock Bun Updo

Now this one is actually very rock and roll. Take out a short and sexy dress and quickly make this hairstyle. This one will be a hit for your party! All you need to do is tie your hair into a slightly high pony and tie it up. Now twist your pony and wrap it around the hair band. Secure this with bobby pins. Voila! You are good to go, girl! This hairstyle is very trendy so wear it with something short and bling.

Sock Bun Updo

4. Grecian Goddess Updo

This is one of the oldest hairstyles in the history of curly hair hairstyles. This will definitely please the people who will be watching. If you are the classy girl in the group, you should go for this one with a long flowing gown. This is very simple to make at home. Gather your hair into a ponytail in the middle and then wrap your curls and tuck them. Leave some spirals in order to create the Grecian Goddess look. You could add a flower to your hair or a metal branch of olive or any leaf.

Grecian Goddess Updo

5. Curly Faux Hawk

This is a party going hairstyle and even if you have short curly hair, you can make this one. All you would need to do is take sections from your hair from each side and take it up. Twist them and use bobby pins to secure. This is actually a new look which not many women try. You could be the first one starting the trend. You will be in a party and people will notice you and probably follow you!

Curly Faux Hawk

We love curly hair! It is not boring. It is wild and we love that! So, choose a hairstyle mentioned above and trust us, you will look fabulous. You do not need hair gels or professionals to get these hairstyles made. All you need is bobby pins and your own hand to make you look gorgeous. Enjoy the party and look the prettiest!

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