5 Quick And Healthy Brunch Ideas

Quick And Healthy Brunch Ideas

There are days when you really don’t have time to eat breakfast and lunch is a long way to go. But how about a healthy and nutritious brunch. It works well for those individuals who are unable to get up in time for breakfast, but fuels you up before lunch time and takes you right up to tea. Here are some simple but healthy brunch ideas when you are short of time- Basically super foods is a term used for defining foods that are high on nutritional content, which in turn helps in combating diseases and improving immunity.

Spinach Pizza or Pasta

You can puree spinach and use for curries or pasta sauces or even put it with cheese on pizza to get something healthier. The idea is to get some carbs along with richness of iron and other nutrients.

Benefits Of Oils

Grilled fishes fill you up and balance the proteins you missed at breakfast. Fishes should be avoided fried because it kills nutrients. But char grilled or baked works wonderfully.

Oats and Tea

Oats are also good antioxidants. Thus, breakfast without oatmeal cannot be a healthy breakfast for sure! Oats can be taken with chocolates or muesli bars to keep a handy snack on the go. Green tea has all the natural goodness which is required for a healthy life. It prevents cancer, cardiovascular diseases, infection and rheumatoid arthritis. White tea is easily available on has goodness of many nutrients, which helps in fighting cancer.

Oats and tea
Nuts with Salad

Make a bowl of salad and sprinkle it with nuts, it definitely complements with the taste. Nuts like peanuts, walnuts or Brazilian nuts or even pecans can be consumed. Cashew nuts in a limited quantity is fine too.

Nuts with Salad
Berry Rich Smoothies

Well, next time when you are into a smoothie shop better order for a “berry smoothie”. Berries can be consumed as low calorie dessert, taken on their own or had for brunch with pancakes too.

Berry Rich Smoothies

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