5 Protective Shield Tattoo Designs

Tattoos though mainly work as a fashion statement for modern men or women still a tattoo on body explains psyche of the wearer. Through a tattoo a man or woman can express his or her feelings or mental state. Everybody wants protection. Everybody tries to remain free of trouble from outside. For this reason tattoos which primarily work as protection are popular around the world among tattoo lovers. Shield tattoo is one of such tattoos which is very popular these days.

Meaning Of A Shield Tattoo

It is already told that main purpose of shield is protection. Shield was used in past when battles were fought. Warriors of every country in the world used to use shield with weapons like mainly sword or spear. It was hard to find a soldier in battle who did not have a shield with him or her. For this reason shield became a thing of position, nobility and royalty. Some warrior clans or royal families used to carve their family symbol on shield. it was a kind of pride to them. In present time in modern warfare no body uses a shield anymore. But tattoo lovers have this on body for the main purpose of protection. Besides shield tattoo expresses love for past, classic historic era, pride, bravery, nobility. Shield tattoo can be done in places like shoulder, arm, back, thigh or leg. Upper arm is the most appropriate place.

Here Are 5 Protective Shield Tattoo Designs

1. Simple Shield Tattoo Designs

There are lots of interesting shield tattoos that can be found in the market. But the simplest is the design that has only a shield, nothing with it. This looks fine on body.

Simple Shield Tattoo Designs

2.  Shield With Sword Tattoo

This is the most common design for shield tattoo. There are several interesting tattoos where a shield is seen with one or two swords. Sometimes sword is accompanied by spear or warrior helmet too.

Shield with sword tattoo

3. Shield With Wings Tattoo Designs

Wing or wings is one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world. Wings mainly stands for bird and flying freely without bondage. Big feathery wings stands for angel too. Angel means heaven or spiritual power. Some interesting tattoo designs show big feathery wings on both sides of a shield. This looks awesome on body.

Shield With Wings Tattoo Designs

4. Tribal Shield Tattoo

Tattoo lovers really like to have tattoos with tribal ornamental designs on body. Each and every generic tattoo has a tribal design of its own.There are several tribal ornamental shield tattoos which are drawn with simple black ink. It looks artistic on body.

Tribal Shield Tattoo

5. Captain America Shield Tattoo Designs

Captain America is perhaps the only action hero or comic book character in the world who uses a shield as weapon. This shield is very lethal, bouncy and looks fantastic with multicolor.  There are a number of interesting tattoo designs that show only this shield or Captain America with the shield.

Captain America shield tattoo designs

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