5 Pretty Braid Hairstyles For Women With Short Hair

Do you have short hair? Many women feel that having short hair means they cannot style their hair the way they like. They feel it is too short for making braids. However the truth is that you CAN make a nice braid with your short hair. There are so many options that you could go for! We are here to help you out like a friend in need. We have listed the 5 Pretty Braid Hairstyles for Women with short hair. This will make your life easy and also, you can experiment with different looks with your short hair braids. Take a look at the list!

Here Are The 5 Pretty Braid Hairstyles For Women With Short Hair

1. The French Braid

The french braid is the most common and also the most popular braid women usually go for. This hairstyle has been popular for centuries now. You can make this braid in many ways. You could go for a side braid if you have curly hair. You can also go for the french double braid at the front. This is a very romantic hairstyle that you can pull off on special dates!

The French Braid

2. The Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are the most popular among celebrities. It looks very complex but the truth is, you can make it as quick as 10 minutes once you get the technique right. For girls with short hair, you need to pick out hair strands just on the front side of your hair. Set this like a lace as that would look very chic. There are girls who actually make fishtail ponytails as well. However do that only when it suits your face cut.

The Fishtail Braid

3. The Waterfall Braid

Why is it called waterfall? It is because your hair falls like waterfall when you braid it. This is a very classy look. You would surely get a lot of attention with this one. Usually women with long hair go for this hairstyle but if your hair is short. You can either go for the waterfall braid with a straight and sleek look. The other option is to make curls using rollers in order to enhance the look of your waterfall braid.

The Waterfall Braid

4. The Lace Braid

Lace braids look very stylish and gothic! It also enhances your facial features. This one will take a bit of hard work but these days you do have tutorials which give step by step instructions. This one is almost like the french brand but the only difference is that the strands have more space. Once you make a lace braid, decorate it with some flowers to look feminine.

The Lace Braid

5. Crown Braid

Crown braid looks very fairy-tale like. This is a very royal hairstyle which is good for a prom or a date. You can see small kids and young girls showcasing this look these days. You can make a single or double crown in the front. Go for crown braiding if you have short hair. That will look the best! There are many tutorials online who will guide how to make a crown braid.

Crown Braid

So, style your hair the way you like! Short hair does not mean you have to leave it free and boring. You can do so much with it! You can always do something fun with you hair even if it is a short bob. Choose the best hairstyle and look gorgeous!

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