5 Power Yoga Workouts That Help You Stay Fit

 Power Yoga Workouts That Help You Stay Fit

Performing power yoga workouts regularly helps you stay in shape and fit naturally. Power yoga is one of the easy yet effective ways of shedding your pounds without suffering from any side effects. You can easily perform these yoga exercises at home. It helps your improve your strength, flexibility, and stamina while you burn your calories. Scroll down to learn some effective power yoga exercises.

Find Below Power Yoga Poses To Include In Your Daily Workout Regimen

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is highly effective in toning your abs and making your buttocks firm. All you need to do is simply lie flat on the ground on your belly, keep palms next to your chest on the ground. Now, slowly raise your upper body and chest off the ground and bend it back as much as possible. While performing the cobra pose look upwards and stay steady for a minute or two.

Cobra Pose

Eagle Pose

If you are looking forward to have thin arms, legs, hands, and thighs, then performing the eagle pose can help you. Simply stand on the ground straight placing hands next to your body. Raise your right leg up, and after folding it from your knee slowly wrap it around your left leg. Raise your hands and after bringing them in your front wrap the right hand around the left and look up. Stay still for a minute.

Eagle PoseSide Stretch Pose

Performing side stretch pose helps you burn extra calories and get rid of excess of fats from your body. All you need to do is stand upright with your hands besides your body and palms of your hands downwards. Slowly raise your hands up and stretch them up. Then place your right foot forward and bend from your waist down on the right side and fold your hands backwards. Stay in this pose for a couple of minutes and then come back to normal. Repeat the same on your left side.

Side Stretch Pose

Warrior Pose

Virbhadrasana or warrior pose one of the effective power yoga pose to get in shape. It boosts you lungs’ capacity to breathe. Just stand on the ground straight upright and spread your legs wide. Place your left leg in the left direction and then turn your right leg in the right direction. Lift your hands up slowly and stretch. Bring your palms up as if you are praying, look up, and breathe in and out slowly.

Warrior Pose

Cow-Face Pose

Cow pose or Gomukhasana is another type of power yoga poses which help you tone your body easily and get rid of excess of fats. Just sit on the ground by spreading your legs in the front in a straight manner. Now bend your knees such that your feet should be on the floor. Move your left foot in such a manner that it should be under your right knee and beside your right hip. Now move your right leg such that it should be on the top of your left leg. Take your hands backwards, bend them from the elbow, and stretch them up. Place the palm of your left hand below your neck and behind on the back and the right hand palm should come from upwards and join your left palm at the back.

Cow-Face Pose

Now that you know which power yoga workouts can help you stay fit and slim, make sure you include them in your regular workout session.

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