5 Perfect Steps To Enhance Cheek Bone Contouring

Steps To Enhance Cheek Bone Contouring

It is always embarrassing if have your face look red, as if you have got a slap from someone when you are actually laughing out loud. The main problem for the same is because the contouring has not been perfect on your face. Contouring is all about how you mix various shades at right proportion in your face while applying makeup. You do not need a professional in order to have a perfect cheek bone contouring. You can do the same in your home by following some simple steps.

Here Are Some 5 Simple Steps Which You Can Try For The Perfect Cheek Bone Contouring:

Find The Contour Point

The first and foremost thing that you have to know is where to contour your bones. The best way to find the same is by using the index finger. Place the index finger at an angle of 45 degrees in the area where the face is touching the ear. You can now press the cheek with the index finger in order to locate the cheek bones.

Find The Contour Point

Choose Your Shade

Now you can take a blush of a shade which is darker than your skin. The preferable shades that can be used are pink, brown or mauve color. Apply the blush in the same angle at which you have placed your index fingers. Just brush the area slightly by removing the excess shade so that your face looks natural.

Choose your Shade

Apply Following The Technique

Now angle the brush just from the tip of the hair line and swipe down less than half of the cheek bones. Apply less pressure to the brush while you are swiping down as the shades must be maximum at the higher portion than at the downward portion of the cheek.

Apply following the technique

Apply One More Coating

Now take a big blush brush and take some cream color which is lighter than the skin tone. Apply the shade lightly till the area below the start of the eye brows. You can also use the compact for safer use.

Apply one more coating

Maintain The Natural Look

This method must be followed in the right way so that the natural look of the highlighted cheek bones. Apply the shade by slightly swiping the brush if you want some dark contours.

Maintain the natural look

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