5 Natural Ways To Use Henna For Different Hair Colors

Ways To Use Henna For Different Hair Colors

One of the best remedies for greying hair is henna, which acts as a natural conditioner and also ensures that your greys are covered without the worries of having any chemical effects. Henna can be used to create the colour of your choice.

Basic Henna Preparation

Take a packet of natural henna and then soak it overnight in 2 cups of water. You can alternatively use tea liquor or even coffee liquor for this. Make sure that the same soaks overnight. This henna should be soaked the entire night so that you are able to extract the natural colour from the same.

Make Henna Paste

Here Are The Basic Ways Of Using Henna For Covering Your Greys And Also Ensure A Healthy Growth:

For Natural Colour

If you want to retain the natural hair colour that you already have, then just soak the henna as instructed above and then add 2-3 spoons of curd and eggs to the same. Mix well and apply. Just make sure that you don’t leave the henna on for more than 1 hours or else, you will get the reddish henna tinge instead of your natural hair colour.

Natural Colour

For Reddish Tinge

If you want a reddish tinge then you have to mix the henna the same way. Along with the above instructions, you have to leave the henna on for at least one hour. To get that added shade of red, you can add dehydrated beet root powder to  the same or buy it from an organic store. Just take some slices of beetroot and then dehydrate it in the oven. Once that is done, you can turn it into a powder and add the same to the henna in the morning. Then apply.

Reddish Tinge

For Coffee Colour

For a natural coffee colour, you should prepare one cup of dark and strong espresso. Just mix 3-4 spoons of coffee to 2 cups of water and boil to reduce a bit. Then soak the henna in this water overnight. The next day, apply it as instructed above to get a coffee tinge.

Coffee Colour

Black Natural Henna

To get a shade of natural black from the henna, you should soak the henna in a iron vessel overnight and add some indian gooseberry powder to the same. Then the next morning, mix well with other conditioning ingredients and apply.

Black Natural Henna

Light Blonde

To get a light blonde streak from henna, you can add lemon juice to the henna. This reduces the orangish tone. Also, in this case, you should sit with the henna in the sun for a while to create a golden tinge.

Light Blonde

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