5 Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

‘Smoking in injurious to health’ is a common tag line which everyone listens in his or her daily life. In fact, it is well known to even smokers too that smoking has some dangerous effects on health but for them, it is also not very to quit smoking at once because this smoking habit is highly addictive which cause complex health hazards to a person health who’s eager to quit it. For such persons who ‘re really serious about quitting smoking habit, the good news is that smoking can be quitted naturally without making your health prone to any hazardous health impact. Here are the 5 natural ways that will vase withdrawal symptoms and will help you to quit smoking without causing any side effect to your health.

Here Are The 5 Natural Ways To Quit Smoking:

1. Home Remedies:

You can also quit smoking by following some natural home remedies too. Some of effective home remedies are as follows:

Licorice:- Chewing of licorice root is highly beneficial in controlling nicotine craving but its consumption is not recommended to continue for more than 1 month period as higher intake of licorice roots increases blood pressure and lowers potassium level of an individual to some extent.

Licorice Root

Black Pepper:- Black pepper or cayenne pepper has an ability to control cravings of nicotine to great extent. You only need to drink 1 glass of water having 2-4 pinches of black pepper in it so as to receive positive result in quitting your smoking habit.

Black Pepper

Herbal Cigarettes:- Herbal cigarettes are great alternative to nicotine based cigarettes that is very helpful in giving a breakthrough to the habit of chain smoking. Herbal cigarettes stops the nicotine cravings and offers amazing health benefits like improving mood, boosting energy, reducing stress and reducing cortisol level of its user. Herbal cigarettes doesn’t contain nicotine as it is totally made up of herbal ingredients like lemongrass, clove, licorice, cinnamon and mint that breaks the nicotine addiction without causing any side effect to its user health.

Herbal cigarettes

2. Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is a famous Chinese technology which proves to be highly effective in quitting the smoking habit without making your body prone to any health related side effect.  In fact, it is a drug free way to quit smoking and easing the withdrawal symptom associated with quitting smoking. Acupuncture therapy plays a significant role in enhancing the serotonin level of an individual and delivers calmness to mind to fight against common withdrawal symptoms of nicotine addiction such as irritability, feeling of discomfort, nausea etc. If you really want to gain benefit of withdrawing your smoking habit permanently then acupuncture will be the best choice for you but the only drawback of this natural smoking withdrawal therapy is that it is quite expensive and middle class smokers find it difficult to afford.

Acupuncture (2)


Medication is a proven natural way to stop smoking and is highly preferred by those guys who’re very serious about quitting their smoking habit. Studies shows that  people who prefers mindfulness meditation to quit smoking, are more likely to control their emotions about smoking and remains free from withdrawal symptoms that many people faces in quitting smoking. Mindfulness medication is highly effective in controlling smoking habit naturally and delivers mental satisfaction to a person who prefers this natural method to curb smoking habit.


4. Massage Therapy:-

Massage therapy is another natural way to reduce nicotine craving of a person who is prone to bad habit of smoking. In fact, regular massage of ear and hands for at-least 2 minutes delivers relaxation against increased anxiety and other mental stress like condition. You can also follow self massage to lessen your cigarette withdrawal symptoms and to improve your mood greatly.

Couple massages

5. Hypnotherapy:-

Hypnotherapy is another very effective therapy to quit smoking habit permanently in which your hypno-therapist brings you in such a trance state  so as to know your mindset and  true feelings about smoking. After analyzing your mental realization about smoking, he develops some negative feeling about smoking in your mind which on more motivation helps you in quitting your smoking habit comfortably. This scientific therapy is a natural way to quit smoking but this treatment method many times doesn’t work long term for most patients due to lack of proper knowledge about this therapy by their therapist. It is therefore advisable for a person who prefers hypnotherapy to quit smoking that he or she must first check professionalism of your therapist before hiring so that such therapy may not make you a victim of depression or other psychiatric conditions. Science is still not sure about effectiveness of hypnotherapy even thought it has proven many successful results in withdrawing smoking habit.


These are the 5 natural ways to quit smoking which can be easily followed by an individual. So, follow these natural methods and gain maximum from them in improving your health.

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