5 Natural Ways To Achieve Soft, Shiny And Manageable Hair


Natural Ways To Achieve Soft, Shiny And Manageable Hair

Everyone has a right to look beautiful and having long, silky and shiny hair is certainly the dream of every girl who wishes to look beautiful. Dry, damaged, rough unmanageable hair can be a matter of worry for a girl to the extent that it may affect her self-confidence. Rough hair also limit the ways in which a person can style their hair and many a times end up getting messed up.  There are a number of processes available in the market which instantaneously transform your hair but they have a time limit over till which they are effective and after that time limit, the hair return to their normal texture. Moreover, these processes are quiet expensive and do not fit in everyone’s pocket and above all, they involve the use of chemicals which may improve the quality of hair temporarily, but deteriorates their quality in the long run.

Here Are A Few Natural Ways, Which Are Economical Too, Of Giving  Shine, Strength And Silkiness

1) The Magical Trio

Take 100 gms of dried amla(or Indian gooseberry), 100 gms of shikakai (or Acacia concinna), and 50 gms of reetha(or soapnut or sapindus mukorossi) .All three are generally available on grocery shop.  Boil all three in 1 litre of water till the amount of water reduces to about half a litre .cool down this slippery solution to the room temperature and sieve to store in a plastic container.

Now wash your hair twice a week with this naturally prepared shampoo for a minimum of two months in order to achieve long, strong, silky and shiny locks. Amla gives strength and shine and shikakai, literally translated into English means ‘fruit for hair’, softens your hair. Reetha helps in gently cleaning your hair. You may not notice the results immediately as it takes a few washes to experience visible difference.

The magical trio

2) Double Trouble

Yes, it is a trouble, but only for the roughness of your hair. And the trouble is caused by the seeds of two quiet tasty fruits- mango and Indian black berries (jamun). All you have to do is to take a few seeds of mangoes and Indian blackberries, grind them into a coarse texture. Now boil this coarse powder in 1 litre of water and reduce it to half a litre. Let the solution cool down and sieve. Now pour this solution on your hair after regular head wash and then rinse off with water.

Double trouble

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3) Beer Blow

Give your hair a blow of lustre and softness with the goodness of beer. Just rinse your hair with beer after head wash and then remove it with water. Beer has conditioning properties and tends to soften your hair and enhance their shine. Beer can be used on hair once a week and make sure that you use it on clean hair as it will not be effective on dirty or oily hair.

Beer blow

4) Healing  Henna

Henna is known for its conditioning effect. Make a thick paste of henna powder with water and 2 eggs. Eggs make hair silky and reduce roughness. Apply this thick paste on your hair and let it dry for half an hour. Please note that this remedy is not suitable for people with coloured hair as henna has a colour of its own and it may alter the colour of your hair.

Moreover, even people who have black hair should not apply it for more than half an hour as it may begin to leave colour on your hair. After half an hour, wash it first with water and then your shampoo. Henna should be applied once in 15 days so that its frequent use may not alter the colour of your hair.

Healing Henna

5) Yoghurt

Yoghurt is very beneficial for dry hair because of its ability to moisturise. Apply on your hair half an hour before head wash and then follow with your routine head wash. Repeat the procedure twice a week if you have too dry hair and once a week for mildly dry hair.


It must be noted that it will take a couple of washes to notice the results as these are natural and therefore mild and easy on hair.  The result will be slow but long lasting and hair friendly. And these remedies will surely give you a pleasant surprise.

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