5 Mysterious Masonic Tattoo Designs

Mysterious Masonic Tattoo Designs

Almost everything under the sun serve as the inspiration for tattoo making. For this reason tattoo lovers always seek new and interesting designs to have on their body. Interestingly old legends told about existence of various secret societies among human kind. Some of these societies were benevolent and worked for betterment of the civilization while some engaged in questionable activities. Freemasons was one of such secret societies that was said to have worked for betterment of human civilization.

Meaning Of A Masonic Tattoo

As told earlier Freemasons was one of the secret organizations that believed to have worked for the benevolence of the society. The word Freemason had its origin in Stonemasons, who were actually a group of skilled  builders engaged in building big and fantastic buildings. It was said that from 19th century several talented people from elite class formed this society of Freemasons which regularly were engaged in social and otherwise positive activities. These activities were so shrouded n mystery that over years mankind have done wild guesses about their so called activities. Colorful stories about Freemasons are read or seen in several novels and movies. There are several tattoo designs available following Freemason society. A masonic tattoo generally means respect and love for the legend that was Freemasons, love for ambiguity or secrecy, kind of protection , benevolence and adventure. A masonic tattoo can be done in places like back, shoulder, arms,  lower back or abdomen and sometimes in wrists.

Here Are 5 Mysterious Masonic Tattoo Designs For Women

Freemasons Or Masonic Sign Tattoo Designs

The masonic sign has a capital English G which is surrounded by a compass from above and a small scale in v shape beneath. There are plenty of such simple masonic sign tattoos available in the market.

Freemasons or masonic sign tattoo designs

Masonic Symbol With An Eye Tattoos

A big eye in the place of the letter G is one of the most interesting and popular masonic tattoos that can be seen in the market.

Masonic symbol with an eye tattoos

Masonic Sign With Cross Tattoo Designs

As society of Freemasons was said to be benevolent one, some tattoo designs have an ornamental cross with masonic sign. It stands for holiness of the society.

Masonic sign with cross tattoo designs

Masonic Sign With Owl Tattoos

Owl tattoo in the body stands for wisdom as well as mystery. Masonic sign with an owl with spread wings stands for the same meaning related to the society. Several variations of this theme are seen in tattoo market.

Masonic sign with owl tattoos

Masonic Sign With Skull Tattoo Designs

Skull tattoos though are very popular but it stands for negative meaning like death or devastation. Plenty of masonic tattoo designs have a human skull in the middle or with masonic sign. A woman who wants to wear a masonic tattoo for positive purpose should avoid this particular design.

Masonic sign with skull tattoo designs

So you want to have a masonic tattoo in the body. Kindly choose carefully from the list given here.

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