5 Must-Have Skin Products For People With Oily Skin

Skin Products For People With Oily Skin

Oily skin can be difficult to maintain and things get really tricky when it comes to the usage of make-up products, as oily skin tends to sweat and turn greasier faster than any other types of skin. Apart from that, oily skin generally tends to be more sensitive to sunlight and heat, thereby reacting easily to these agents and giving away to skin problems like skin redness, tanning etc. Last but not the least, suffering from acne and frequent skin imperfections is another big challenge of having oily skin. It is therefore necessary to treat oily skin in the right way and with the right products, as the ones mentioned below.

Here Are 5 Must-Have Skin Products For People With Oily Skin:


Since oily skin tends to sweat the most and turns greasy very easily, it is essential for people with oily skin to cleanse their skin with the right cleansers. Oily skin cleansers generally come with oil-balancing formulations, which not only helps to free the oil-clogged pores but also help to balance the amount of sebum produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands. This is simply a must-have product for people having oily skin.



An astringent is a must-have product for people with oily skin, as astringents help to reduce the activity of the over-active sebum glands in oily skin, thereby significantly reducing the oil production and helping to keep the skin looking matte and oil-free. However; care should be taken not to apply astringent too often, as astringents have alcohol contents in them, which can turn the skin extremely dry when overused.


Oil-free Moisturizer

People having oily skin often tend to skip the moisturization part, as they generally think that since their skin is already producing excess oil, they are in no more need to moisturize skin. However; this is a common misconception and the reality is that oily skin needs just as much moisturization as any other types of skin. However; since general oil-based moisturizers tend to make oily skin appear greasier and miserable, the trick is to resort to oil-free or water-based moisturizers. Oil-free moisturizers are basically oil-controlling or maattifying moisturizers, which have a water base instead of the commonly used oil-base in other moisturizers and these help to control the oil production of the skin. It is always advisable to opt for oil-balancing moisturizer formulas, as these moisturizers help retain the optimum levels of moisture on the skin.

Oil-free moisturizer

Blotting Paper

There’s nothing like keeping yourself equipped with blotting paper when you go out of your house and you will not have easy access to cleansers. Blotting papers are like tissue papers which have oil-blotting properties and which therefore help to keep the face matte even when you go out in the heat.

Blotting paper

Gentle Scrubs

Scrubs or exfoliators are inevitable for oily skin, as skin pores of oily skin tends to get clogged with oil and dirt more easily, not only because of the skin’s tendency to produce excessive oil but also because the skin pore size of oily skin tends to be larger than the pore size of any other skin types. However; it is important to avoid using harsher scrubs for the process of deep cleansing. This is because, harsher scrubs have the same ability to cleanse as mild scrubs but their hasher nature tends to strip natural oil from skin, thereby making the pores larger and inflicting scratches to skin.

Gentle scrubs

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