5 Most Effective Makeup Tips For Different Face Shapes

Makeup Tips For Different Face Shapes

Having a perfect makeup is the major demand of every woman but not all of them are able to acquire desirable glow on their look with a makeup because makeup too varies as per type of different face shapes. If your makeup looks completely out of trend on you according to the latest hot makeup trend then your face shape might be one of the major factors responsible for your dull look. In fact, each face shape follows different set of basic rules which are unknown to almost 90% woman. However, there are six different types of face shapes and you need to follow different makeup rules so as to achieve desirable shine on your beauty.

Here Are Some Most Important Makeup Tips For All 6 Types Of Face Shapes Which Are Not Very Difficult To Follow By Anyone:

Makeup For Round Face

If your face shape is round then you need to create illusion of length and contouring first while starting your makeup because of equal length and width of round face. Use of bronzer creates illusion of length and works as a contour when bronzer is applied to the temples. You also need to use blush just beneath the cheekbones so that it will deliver slimming effect to your look. For more attractive look, you can also use blush in upward strokes but remember to choose best color for makeup as bright color only accentuate the roundness of the face while using blush on round shaped face.

Makeup for Round Face

Makeup For Oval Face

For a woman with oval face shape, there is no requirement of applying highlight and contour techniques on makeup because of perfectly symmetrical shape of face. In oval shaped face, forehead found to be wider than its lower portion and therefore beauty experts suggest use of ‘3’shaped Bronzer from forehead to cheekbones followed by makeup on chin because in oval shaped face, the forehead is much wider than the lower face which accentuate ideally with such Bronzer only. It is also recommended to apply natural shape of brow bones while doing makeup on eyebrows as it will look fantastic on an oval shaped face.

Makeup for Oval Face

Makeup For A Square Face

Makeup for a square shaped face is very tricky and can be accomplished perfectly only with right makeup technique. Presence of too much sharpness on jaw-line can be reduced to some extent by contouring the jawbone and blending it upwards the ear. For a more shimmering effect on your face, you must apply blush in a rounded shape on your cheeks which in turn will create a more symmetrical shape on your face and giving you real touch of beauty.

Makeup for a Square Face

Makeup For Heart Shaped Face

For a heart shaped face, makeup should be of somehow round face style. Upper face possess large width on such shape which can be reduced to some extent by contouring cheeks and temples of the face and highlighting chin, area under the eyes and forehead similar to round face makeup. As heart shaped faces owns large cheekbones therefore to hide them, you only needs to wear a brighter blush and apply lipstick matching to your eye color. On your lips, it is better to apply berry or red lip color so that it look attentive and no one concentrate on your wider cheekbones that you had covered with brighter blush. You can apply brown, black, white or even a beige eye shadow palette on your eyes for having a more charming appearance with your makeup.

Makeup for Heart Shaped Face

Makeup For Oblong Face

Oblong shaped face have plenty of available space for a perfect makeup but you need to choose appropriate color for an ideal makeup on such face. Oblong shaped face has too much length for makeup but the face width on such shape is quite low for a makeup. However to shorten the length of the face, contouring across the lower section of the chin will be quite beneficial and to give a wider look to your face, you must apply blush to the apples of the cheek. For a beautiful look on oblong face, narrow palette looks too good but it needs to be followed by perfect side shadowing on the sides of nose. It is advisable for a woman with oblong face to keeps lips minimum and rosy pink while doing makeup as rosy pink lips gives a wider and fuller look to the face.

Makeup for Oblong Face


These are the makeup tips for faces of different shapes which you must follow so as to attain beautiful look. You can try these tips without any hesitation and enjoy every moment of your life with your beautiful appearance.

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