5 Mood Boosting Foods You Should Be Eating

Mood Boosting Foods

Stress, anxiety, lonesomeness are the inevitable side effects of modern materialistic world and almost of each of us experience these quite often at some point of our lives. Though many people choose different ways to get out of these doldrums but one of the easiest and healthiest ways to turn your mood to a happier one in no time is having ‘feel good foods.

Yes it has proven by number of scientific researches that foods not only affect your physical health but it impacts our mental well being too. These types of food provide the required nutrient to your body and calm the anxiety level down unbelievably. Probably that’s why many guys take the help of chocolates to melt the heart of their sweethearts.If you are wondering what this mood boosting food are and what you going to try out next time you feel lonesome, then here it is.

Here Are The 5 Mood Boosting Foods

Try Dark Chocolate:

This irresistible food item not only satisfies your taste-buds but also possess great heath benefits and to banish stress and depression is one of them. The store house of anti-oxidants dark chocolates also preserve phenylethylamine , that triggers the secretion of endorphin or happy hormone. That helps to eliminate the stress or disappointment and makes you feel better instantly.

Dark Chocolates
Intake Carbohydrate Foods:

Rich carbohydrate foods can be great mood boosting foods. Many scientific researches showed that people who consume good carbohydrate foods on regular basis found to have less worried and stressed than the ones who have low carbohydrate foods. Carbohydrate food stimulates the emission of serotonin , a happy hormone, that generates a blissful feeling. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans are the good examples in this category.

Intake Carbohydrate Foods

Go For Yogurt:

Women who experience unusual mood swings before menstrual period can go for yogurt. Scientific surveys have revealed that women who consume 1300 mg of calcium on daily basis are less depressed and annoying. As yogurt is a rich source of calcium so adding yogurt to your daily diet can be a great idea.

Eat Fish:

Eat fishes regularly; especially those are rich in omega3 fatty acids, such as Solomon, tuna, sardines etc. omega3 is quite helpful ingredient that promotes good mood. It even lowers down serotonin, a chemical which generates depression, anxiety or suicidal tendencies. While accelerate secretion of dopamine that triggers happy feeling which you feel in time of eating or sex.


Have Spinach:

Sometime, Stress or depression may be related to the insufficiency of folate in our body. So including green veggie like spinach to your regular diet can be a great idea to stay healthy as well as happy.

Spinach (2)

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