5 Makeup Tips That Will Make Your Mornings Easier

Makeup Tips That Will Make Your Mornings Easier

You are an early bird or not, time seems to slip through your fingers every morning no matter how much you try to cope up and hence everyone fights their own battle against time to grab a couple of minutes more.

It gets worse for women as they need to manage home and work simultaneously and at the same time they must need to look pretty. Therefore every woman wishes for some make up hacks to get her make-up done in lesser time to save few minutes and make morning bit easier. Hence here we are with top 5 make up tips which will turn you into a gorgeous diva in a jiffy and give your morning an excellent positive kick off.

Here Are The 5 Makeup Tips That Will Make Your Mornings Easier:

Moisturize Your Skin Every Night:

Moisturizing the skin should be the top priority for any skin care regime. It not only gives you skin a younger looking glow but also prepares a smooth base for make up. To save time in the morning and to receive the best results apply moisturizer to your skin every night before you off to bed and you will wake up to a baby soft and smoother skin in the following morning.

Moisturize Your Skin Every Night

Apply B.B Cream:

Another morning make up hack which can get you a good amount of time and will save your energy as well would be the B.B cream. This cream works in multiple ways from moisturizer to foundation or concealer, you apply only this cream and you’re done with everything. This cream also brings a dewy effect and provides you a fresh look and also saves a great deal of time usually wastes on the process.

Apply B.B Cream

Use Bronzer:

Don’t forget to staple bronzer to your morning make palette, as bronzer helps to flaunt your face features more prominent and sharp hiding the heaviness from face yet within very small time. Simply apply it on your forehead, cheekbones and on both sides of your face.

Use Bronzer

Get Smoky Eyes:

Though hearing this on an instant gives you a shock that how smoky eyes can be an instant morning make up hack when it takes a large amount of time. then let us show you the trick, simply outline your eyes with an eye-liner pencil. Then apply little amount of eye-shadow cream in the creases and spread it to the outer side of the eye and bingo!

Get Smoky Eyes

Go For Lip-gloss/lip-balm:

The quickest possible lip make up hack could be tinted lip balm or lip gloss as they take only few seconds to put on and you can also carry them with you and apply whenever needed. Another useful tip is to apply little amount of powder or lip balm before wearing lip gloss for it will increase the longevity of your lip make up.

Go For Lip-gloss/lip-balm

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