5 Magnificent Flower Braid Hairstyles

Flower braid hairdos are lovely and feminine and make heads turn when you wear one. They are perfect for a romantic date, a night out or an evening event and actually not quite difficult to do though they look complex. Although there are several variations, five favorite flower braids are given here. Have look and get inspired.

Here Are 5 Magnificent Flower Braid Hairstyles

1. Dutch Flower Braid

This is a beautiful hair updo for all formal occasions. To create this style, spray your hair with water and part it off center. Braid a Dutch braid alongside the hairline and continue until you reach the opposite side by working around the head. Turn down the braid and braid it until you reach the nape. Do a standard three-strand braid all along the length of the hair.  Widen the braided end and roll in to form a flower at the backside of the head, slightly away from the braided side and secure using pins.

Dutch Flower Braid

2. Rose Bud Braid

This is an elegant and romantic hairdo for long hair. Segment your hair into two – top and bottom. Divide the top section into two – left and right. Do a French braid on the left by adding up hair only from top. Do a standard braid along the tail, fix the ends using a band and widen the outer ends to make it look like a lace. Roll the tail to create a flower and fix it at the back, slightly off center using pins. Repeat the same on the other side and fix the flower slightly below the first one. Make two French braids on left and right part using the left over bottom hair. Connect these two French braids into one. Continue braiding till the end and secure with elastic.

Rose Bud Braid

3. Chic Side Rosette Flower Braid

This is an awesome style that can be worn with any dress. Smooth down the hair and sweep the fringe or loose bangs to the side. Pull out a small section of hair on one side, preferably on the side opposite to the heavy side and do a standard three-stranded braid half the length and secure the ends with a band. Widen the braid on both sides and roll it to form a flower shape just above the ear. Fix the flower using pins.

Chic Side Rosette Flower Braid


4. Flower Braid Side Bun

A flower braid bun is elegant and neat for all formal occasions. To style your hair into a flower braid bun, pull your hair into a low side ponytail. Divide the tail into three sections and braid three standard braids and secure the ends with elastic. Pull the outer end of the braids out to create a lace effect (but only on one side). Pin the braids in circular fashion to form a flower shape with the pulled out ends facing outwards. Lock the flower using pins and add an accessory to complete the look.

Flower Braid Side Bun


5. Braided Pullback With Flower Bun

This is an easy regular weekday hairstyle for women of all ages. Part your hair into two and create a braid on both sides by pulling out a small section of hair from the front. Secure the braids at the back using elastic and pin them. Braid the tails of the braids together and pull out the external edges to create an illusion of petals and lock the ends using elastic. Wrap the braid to form a flower at the center and fix it using pins.

Braided Pullback With Flower Bun

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