5 Magnetic Nail Polishes

magnetic nail polish

Magnetic nail polishes are gaining trend these days. Their mesmerising designs are becoming popular among teenage girls. The idea of applying nail art with magnets is revolutionary in itself. The unique pattern of these exciting nail polishes contains magnetic particles. Iron powder contained in the nail polish gravitates in the direction of the magnet and forms a pattern with a magical finish. There are so many designs that can be created by these nail polishes; some of them are stripes, diagonal patterns, wave patterns and many more. Using these nail polishes is very easy and comfortable. In this article we will tell you about magnetic nail polishes.

Here Are The 5 Magnetic Nail Polishes:

Magnetic Nail Polish by Konad:

This is an affordable nail polish that provides you the most spectacular lacquer finish. To use this nail polish you would need to buy the magnetic plates to help induce the magnet. These plates would assist in creating designs with these magnetic nail polishes. The price of 10 ml of this product is Rs. 550.

Magnetic Nail Polish by Konad

Magnetic Nail Colour by Faces Cosmetics:

This is a world famous cosmetic brand from Canada that has provided a wide range of magnetic nail enamels with revolutionary three dimensional nail art. The beautiful design of this nail polish is available in two varieties – a horizontal and a diagonal wave pattern. With an amazing range of colours and reasonable price this nail polish has captured the market and young hearts. The price of 9.8 ml of this product is Rs. 550.

Magnetic Nail Colour by Faces Cosmetics

Magnetic Nail Polish by China Glaze:

This is a specially formulated magnetic nail polish that is presented in mind blowing designs and catchy patterns. While the nail paint is wet, the magnet when held above the nail gravitate the design and forms fashionable patterns within a few minutes. The price of 14 ml of this product is Rs. 600.

Magnetic Nail Polish by China Glaze

Magnetic Nail Polish by Gelish Magneto:

This nail polish makes use of a design magnet that pulls the nail polish on the top of your nail to create marvellous designs. The interesting part of this design is that the design which is going to be created by the nail polish is printed itself on the bottle. This nail polish gives you long lasting superb finish. The price of 15 ml of this product is Rs. 2200.

Magnetic Nail Polish by Gelish Magneto

Magnetic Nail Polish by Claire Cosmetics:

The designs of this nail polish are created using the magnetic particles. The complete process of nail art is fast, fun and stylish way to create masterpiece nail designs. This nail polish is quite economical and gives you unbeatable finish with outstanding designs. The price of 9.7 ml of this product is Rs. 500.

Magnetic Nail Polish by Claire Cosmetics

These nail polishes are in latest fashion now a days. So pick one of your choices today!

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