5 MAC Makeup Products You Can Include In Your Kit

MAC Makeup Products

We all know MAC is one of the prestigious and popular make-up brands. The components that have used in their products are safe for the skin. This brand is very popular among worldwide professionals, make-up artists and common people. MAC offers a variety of collections in foundation, blusher, powder, Lip stick, lip liner, eye mascara, eye liner etc. MAC has a huge selection of professional quality make up kits which are applicable for all ages, all sexes and for all occasion.

Let’s Focus On The Top 5 Make – Up Kits Available In The Market:

Face And Body Foundation

The Face and Body Foundation of MAC is highly popular. It balances easily and spreads in a skinny layer on the face. This product is water resistant, non -stripy and spreads on the face to accurate the face. This foundation has lots of shades according to the skin quality. It costs 17 hundred.

Face and Body Foundation

Select Cover-up Concealer

The lightweight Concealer is a product that uses for fade away the pigment, marks, black heads, spots and dark circle. This product has a flat and smooth texture. The concealer has 13 shades. The price of the concealer is about 1000 rupees.

MAC Select Cover up

Blush Powder

The blush powder of MAC provides extreme glamorous look. It costs rupees 1500. It is pigmented with an extensive collection of shades. Moreover the brand offers 40 shades in the collection along with 5 special textures, like matte, shimmer, frost, sheer and satin.

Blush Powder

Pro Lip Palette

The pro lip palette provides a semi nonglossy look. MAC has a huge collection of lip colour palette. There are 6 different palettes are available. The colourful ranges of the lip colour palette costs about 2300 rupees. Each palette contains 6 shades. The colour ranges are reds, pinks, plums, oranges and browns.

Pro Lip Palette

Penultimate Eye Liner

The MAC ironic black eye liner is smear free and water proof. The pen style eye liner is very comfortable to use and it stays for 2 to 3 hours. The penultimate eye liner is quiet costly 4900. Obviously it is the good buy because of its high quality.

Penultimate Eye Liner

The above mentioned products are really worth buying. The quality and price really complement each other. So, try them.

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