5 Lovely Heart Tattoos For The Love Struck

Are you thinking of getting inked for the first time? Getting inked is a normal trend these days. You will find most young men and women getting tattoos on their body. Most of them go with the wrong design and they regret it for the rest of their life. Have you thought of getting a tattoo done? How about getting a heart tattoo done? Here is what we have for you today! We have listed the 5 Lovely Heart Tattoos for the Love Struck. In case you are in love or love the idea of love, you can get a heart tattoo made. The options we have listed are really good and will look amazing on you. Take a look!

Here are the 5 Lovely Heart Tattoos for the Love Struck:

1. Key To Heart Tattoo

This is on top of the list because this is such a classy tattoo. Get a key made as a tattoo and the beginning of the key can be a heart. This is called the key to heart tattoo which looks so pretty. You can get this tattoo made on your wrist or even your back beneath the neck. This is such a lovely tattoo idea! Get it done in classic black because it looks really good.


2. Love Heart Tattoo

This is a very popular tattoo that girls make these days. All you need to do is ask your tattoo artist to write love and make a heart around it using the letter E, V and L. Leave the O and keep it small. Let this be in classic black too because black looks the best and also, the colored tattoos fade away in some time. Black stays dark and classy always. You can get this tattoo made on your wrist. It looks great there!


3. Hand Heart Tattoo

This one is sexy and such a new idea. You can make two hands joined together making a heart. You can get it made on your chest or the back. Get a black shaded tattoo when making this one. The hand heart tattoo looks really beautiful and romantic. Also, it will look very sexy! Your man will surely love this one. This one is a larger tattoo so make sure you get it made somewhere that you will not regret.


4. Heartbeat Tattoo

This one is a very popular choice! The heartbeat tattoo is a favorite among girls. You can get this tattoo made on your write, hand or even near your chest. One can also get it made on the shoulder blades. However place it somewhere near your heart or your wrist. The heart can be red in color and the line attached with the heart can be in black. We so love this one! It is one of our favorites.

Heartbeat Tattoo

5. Lady Bug Heart Tattoo

Sometimes you just need a tattoo that describes you the best. The lady bug heart tattoo will instantly say a lot about you that you are a love bug who is so much in love. This is a cute tattoo. The body of the lady bug can be heart shaped. Use the colors that an actual lady bug has on the body which is red and black.


The above mentioned tattoos are so creative and fun. You can take inspiration from these and get your tattoo made. All of the above are great as first time tattoos. All the best for getting your first tattoo done!

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