5 Latest Pixie Hairstyles For Kids

5 Latest Pixie Hairstyles For Kids

It is difficult to give the short hairs of kids a definite shape and style for the parents and thus the best way to do it is by using the pixie hairstyle which is doing the rounds presently. The pixie hairstyles look cute and simple and are extremely low on maintenance as well.

Some Of The Perfect Pixie Hairstyles For Kids Are Discussed Below:

1. The Short And Wavy Pixie Cut

In case a child has lots and lots of soft waves to show off, one can think of styling her tresees with a short and wavy pixie cut hair style. This hair style involves the soft waves to fall just below the ear region and gives the child a sweet and lovely look. To add to the impact, fringes on the forehead works and looks awesome!


2. The Straight Sleek Cut

In case a child is having super straight manes, then this sleek haircut is a great option for her. To add to the short and straight look, one can keep short bangs on the forehead and create nice and cool side sweeps for a better style. To add glamour to the look, an elastic head band or a nice clip would make sure that a kid glows more as well!

The straight sleek cut - Copy

3. The Multiple Hair Pixie Cut

As all kids do not have thick manes from the birth, this hairstyle looks amazing on a child with limp and thin tresses. This hair style is responsible to add a lot of layers to the hair which makes the hair look full of volume and gives a perfect decorum to the hair as well. This hair style also looks good on kids who have loose curls or a curly hair texture as well.

multiple hair pixie cut - Copy

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4. The Chin Length Pixie Bob

This pixie haircut for the kids is a perfect bob which is symmetrical on both the sides of the head. In this cut, the tresses extend up till the chin region and are completely devoid of any layers. This hair cut is totally a round one where the bangs and the rest of the hairs maintain a similar length. This hair style can be given glamour and glow by accentuating it with clips, hair bands, pins, flowers and many more.

chin length pixie bob - Copy

5. The Short And Curly Pixie Bob

This one works great on hairs which are curly and are cut in a short bob where the kids soft curls look amazing when styled with colorful bands and accessories!

short and curly pixie bob - Copy

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