5 Latest Formal Hairstyles For Girls

Latest Formal Hairstyles For Girls

Your hairstyle should be appropriate to the occasion. For formal occasions your hairstyle should look elegant, decent and sober on you. If you are looking out for a perfect hairstyle for attending a formal event then this article will help you find the best one. You will know about five formal hairstyles which would look great on any face cut.

Here Are The 5 Latest Formal Hairstyles For Girls:

The Pixie Hairstyle

This is the simplest and cute hairstyle made to give you an elegant appearance in any formal occasion. To create this hairstyle you need to take pomade in your hands and rub it gently. Now apply it in the direction opposite to which you are parting your hairs. Style your hairs in that direction and fix it using pins and headband.

Pixie Cut

Beautiful Goddess Braid

To make this wonderful hairstyle you need to take your top hairs and bring it in the middle by creating a French braid. French braid is made using 3/4 of the hairs. Now tie the braid with the help of bobby pins and other hair accessories like hair band, clips etc.

Goddess French Braids Hairstyles

Double French Twists

To create double French twists you need to roll your hairs and try to move a few sections of your hairs from frontal region of your head to back region to give it a look of a pompadour. Now curl and pin left side of hairs in the left direction and vice versa. Use hair accessories to keep your hairs intact.

Double French Twists

Princess Braid

This hairstyle will make you look centre of attraction in any formal event or ceremony. This hairstyle will impart feminine charm and appeal. You need to take few hairs from the front section to the right side and create a clean braid near to your head. Support the braid using bobby pins and perform the same procedure on the left side too.

Princess braid

Double French Braid

This hairstyle accentuates the beauty of a woman and makes her ready with an amazing formal look. To make this hairstyle you need to part your hair in one direction. Now create a French braid by taking all your front hairs towards the back and secure it using bobby pins. Create one more French braid in other direction. Let those hairs loose which are short in length. You can also roll them up and slightly twist them and pin them.

Double French Braid

Hope you have enjoyed these amazing hairstyles. All these pretty easy to create hairstyles give end results which are worth trying!

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