5 Interesting Rat Tattoo Designs

Tattoo makers are inspired by almost everything under the sun. The animal world provides great inspirations for interesting tattoos. Not only big animals but small animals are also serving as great sources of popular tattoo designs. Rat is a kind of small animal that is a rodent which has several popular tattoo designs in the market.  fashion conscious men as well as women tattoo lovers like to have rat tattoos on body.

Meaning Of A Rat Tattoo

Rat is a very common rodent that  can be seen in almost every household and establishment of every kind in this world. Rats are basically harmless small creatures. But these have a very bad habit of cutting everything these find within reach. In this regard a rat is harmful to human beings. But at the same time a rat can be tamed and become a good pet. It gives companionship to a person. Rat has intellectual significance in human society. Who does not know Micky Mouse? Rats are very playful and agile too. In Asian country like India rat has spiritual significance. It is a companion of Lord Ganesha the god with elephant head. A rat or mouse tattoo in body stands for agility, playfulness, intelligence, companionship, intellect, slim beauty, spiritual power.

A person can do a rat tattoo almost anywhere in the body. Favorite places are arm, foot, wrist, thigh, shoulder, side of the body.

Here Are The 5 Interesting Rat Tattoo Designs:

1. Simple Rat Tattoo

There are plenty of simple rat tattoo found in the market. These are done in simple black ink sometimes in just slim outline. This kind of tattoo can make a tattoo lover look very attractive.

Simple rat tattoo

2. 3D Rat Tattoo Designs

Just opposite to simple rat tattoos there are 3D rat tattoo designs available in the market too. These have awesome depth that has given some sort of reality to the image. A 3D rat tattoo with depth also looks quite fascinating on body.

3D rat tattoo designs

3. Tribal Rat Tattoo

Each and every generic tattoo has a tribal ornamental design of its own. In this regard there are several rat tattoos exist in the market done in tribal art. A tribal rat tattoo will certainly make a tattoo lover look great. It stands for good taste also.

Tribal Rat Tattoo

4. Rat With Flower Tattoo Designs

Women prefer rat tattoo very much. Every women centric tattoo in the market has a design with some kind of flower in it. There are some rat tattoo designs which show a rat with flowers around it.

Rat with flower tattoo designs

5. Evil Or Monster Rat Tattoo

Rat has a bad side in its character. That is why artworks and literature are full of stories with evil harmful rats. There are some designs that show evil rat with glowing big eyes and sharp talons like eagle. But a tattoo lover who wants to have a rat tattoo for positive purpose can avoid this.

Evil or monster rat tattoo

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