5 Inspiring Sports Tattoo Designs

Arts and entertainment has provided inspiration for lots of splendid tattoo designs. Sports is a way of life as well as entertainment that has given interesting ideas to tattoo makers for tattoo loving men as well as women. There are lots of sports which are played around the world. That is why such tattoos are also numerous. Some show famous sports personalities too.

Meaning Of Sports Tattoo

Sports are very ancient form of entertainment and means of spending leisure. In the time of great civilizations like Greek or Roman sports like wrestling, sword fighting, archery, horse riding etc were very popular. In Greece the tradition of holding games in Olympia has given birth to modern Olympic games. Besides Olympic games there are other important and great sports event as well that are organized around the world. A great sports event work as a means of communication between different nations where physical skills and ideas are exchanged. A sports tattoo in body stands for everything positive like physical fitness, skill, agility, mental alertness, great health, a great mind, a sense of brotherhood and peace. A sports tattoo can be done in almost anywhere in body particularly back, shoulder, arm, thigh, side of the body.

Here Are 5 Inspiring Sports Tattoo Designs

1. Olympic Ring Tattoos

Olympic is the greatest sports event in the world. So an Olympic related tattoo is perhaps the best sports tattoo that a tattoo lover can have on the body. There are some interesting tattoos that follow the iconic rings of Olympic games. This tattoo looks great on body.

Olympic Ring Tattoos

2. Olympic Torch Tattoo Designs

Lighting a torch just before the start of Olympic games is a must do event that is continuing from ancient time. That is why like the rings the Olympic torch is also another iconic image. There are several designs of Olympic torch tattoo that are found in the market. Some show simple torch while others show a hand holding a torch. Even some designs have rings with Olympic torch.

Olympic Torch Tattoo Designs

3. Runner Tattoos

The game of running is one of the oldest sports that still people enjoy very much today. Running is the main athletic event of Olympic games. There are some interesting tattoo designs that show the iconic sports logo of a man running.

Runner Tattoos

4. Football Or Soccer Tattoo Designs

Football or soccer in US is perhaps the only game that is played by almost every country in the world. Football is the most popular game in the planet. The World Cup Football is almost equivalent to Olympic games. There are several interesting football tattoos in the market which show simple traditional football. Some have  images like a crown or fire with it too. In US football is referred to the game of Rugby. Some tattoos are available in market that show American football or rugby too.

Football Or Soccer Tattoo Designs

5. Diego Maradona Tattoos

It is already mentioned that sports tattoos also cover famous sports personalities who have achieved a legendary status. If football is the most popular sports in the wold then it is needless to say that footballers who have or had shown enough skills on ground will be hugely popular too. In this regard after Pele of Brazil Diego Maradona of Argentina is considered the god of the game. There are several terrific portrait tattoos that have Maradona’s face on those.

Diego Maradona Tattoos

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