5 Inspiring Braid Styles For Women With Long Hair

Modern women certainly are aware of the fact that good amount of hair on head makes women look beautiful if hairstyling is done in right or proper way. Braid hairstyle is a very old and traditional hairstyle. There is tradition of doing braid even thousands of years ago. Women in parties thrown by nobility and royalty used to sport only one hairstyle that was braid. Modern women also can adapt braid style if they have medium long to long hair. Some of these styles are simple but can make a woman look quite attractive.

Here Are 5 Inspiring Braid Styles For Women With Long Hair

1. Traditional Single Braid Style

This is the most common, simple but useful braid style. In this a woman with at least upper back length hair can make a single braid out of her whole lock and let it fall over her back. She can make it fall over one of her shoulders too. The forehead remains completely exposed.

Traditional Single Braid Style

2. Two Braid Hairstyles

This is a variation of previous style. In which instead of one braid a woman can have two braids and let those hang over both shoulders. Sometimes a woman with two braids is seen to let some hair hanging from front part or sides of  forehead. This looks eye catching too.

Two Braid Hairstyles

3. Slim Rope Braid With Straight Loose Hair

Women who have waist long straight hair can adapt this style easily. They can take some hair from the bunch and form a slim rope like long braid while rest of the hair remains loose. This two in one style looks quite amazing.

Slim Rope Braid With Straight Loose Hair

4. Crown Braid Style For Long Hair

Sometimes instead of forming a rope like long braid, a woman with loose straight hair can form a crown braid. In this a braid that is formed is a bit thick and the woman can make it around her head instead of letting it hanging. This also looks quite aweinspiring.

Crown Braid Style For Long Hair

5. Multiple Braid Hairstyles

In medieval and ancient times doing multiple braid was very common practice. But it is rarely seen at present. Because it is a bit time consuming. Instead of forming one or two braids from your lock, in this style you have to from at least three braids. But if you accomplish it somehow it can make you look like a goddess in public place or in function or party.

Multiple Braid Hairstyles

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