5 Incredible Mythical Animal Tattoo Designs

Tattoo lovers love to do animal tattoos on body. Animal tattoos normally cover tattoos inspired by animals or creatures, birds that exists or found on earth. But there are some animal tattoos which are inspired by animals or creatures that do not exist on earth. Instead reference of these creatures or animals are found in myths and legends around the world. Greek mythology particularly has plenty of such incredible creatures. Interesting tattoo designs are very popular which show incredible mythical creatures. These tattoos symbolizes mankind;s love, respect and admiration for story particularly mythological stories.

Here Are 5 Incredible Mythical Animal Tattoo Designs

1. Dragon Tattoo Designs

Dragon is perhaps the most famous of all mythical creatures tales of which are found almost all around the globe. People of Europe used to take dragon for a malevolent fire breathing creature. But as it comes to light that dragon symbolizes magic and wisdom in countries like China and Japan, attitude towards the beast changed gradually. Now a dragon tattoo, designs of which are aplenty in tattoo market, stands for physical as well as inner strength.

Dragon Tattoo Designs

2. Phoenix Tattoos

Animal tattoos cover interesting bird tattoos too. Phoenix is a legendary bird which has color of a rainbow. The specialty of this bird is after living for centuries a phoenix self sacrifices itself into fire and from the ash a new bird is born. Phoenix stands for rejuvenation and rebirth. Phoenix tattoo is very popular to tattoo lovers particularly women. Plenty of interesting designs available which show flying phoenix in orange color.

Phoenix Tattoos

3. Centaur Tattoo Designs

Centaur is creature from Greek mythology that can be called a hybrid of man and horse. This creature has the body of a horse and head, torso of a man. Centaurs are powerful creature which according to Greek mythology used to teach Greek heroes in childhood. Men as well as women like to have centaur tattoo on body. This tattoo stands for zodiac sign Sagittarius too.

Centaur Tattoo Designs

4. Griffin Tattoos

Griffin is a creature which is also a hybrid of eagle and lion that is also found in Greek mythology. The head, wings and legs of a griffin belong to an eagle while the body and tail belong to a lion. This creature stands for strength and power as well as nobility and royalty. Some like to have griffin tattoo on body for a sense of protection also.

Griffin Tattoos

5. Minotaur Tattoo Designs

Another creature of Greek mythology that has body of a man with head of a bull. Though Minotaur looks very primitive and powerful still it has bad reputation of devouring human beings and eating their flesh. That is why if you want to have mythical creature tattoo on body for positive meaning then kindly think a bit before having a Minotaur tattoo on body. Many interesting and eyecatching designs available.

Minotaur Tattoo Designs

So you like to have a mythical animal tattoo on your body, kindly take a look at the list given here.

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