5 Homemade Yogurt Mask For Soft And Shiny Hair

 Yogurt Hair Mask For Shiny, Silky Hair

Soft, shiny hair is a dream of every woman. But environmental pollution, stress, hectic life-style, chemical laden shampoos and conditioners take a toll on our hair. They often become dull, frizzy and life-less. For making your hair healthy and lustrous, you don’t need to purchase expensive products or visit spa or saloon for pricy treatments. Yogurt is a perfect tonic for improving the texture and quality of your hair. Yogurt contain vitamin B5 and protein that acts as good conditioner for your hair, provides the hair required moisture and anti-bacterial agents contained in yogurt helps to eliminate dandruff, itchiness and. Combining yogurt with few other kitchen ingredients like line juice, egg, fenugreek etc. to make hair mask is a great way to provide your hair proper nourishment it needs to fight different hair problems like hair fall, thinning of hair, dryness and dandruff and transform the dull, damaged hair into supper soft, gorgeous and shiny, silky hair.

1. Yoghurt And Lemon Hair Mask For Soft, Shiny Hair:

Excess humidity and heat makes hair look dull and life-less. Yogurt, rich in protein will work as natural conditioner and its lactic acid content will help to clean the scalp by removing dead skin cells and allow nutrients to reach the hair follicles. Honey and yogurt both have moisturizing properties which will help to make hair soft and silky. Lemon juice will help to cut residue build up and aid in adding shine to your hair.


• 2tbsp. of Yogurt
• Few drops of Lemon juice
• 1tsp. of Honey


Combine all the three ingredients and mix well to get a spreadable paste. Apply this mask to your entire hair from root to tip and scalp. Wear a shower cap and allow the mask to work for half an hour. Rinse with plain water thoroughly to get smooth, silky hair which is easily manageable.

Yogurt And Lemon Hair Mask For Soft, Shiny Hair

2. Yoghurt, Honey And Olive Oil Hair Mask For Shiny, Lustrous Hair:


½ cup plain full fat yogurt
3 tbsp. honey
2 tbsp. olive oil


Mix all the ingredients well to get smooth consistency. Apply on your entire scalp and hair. Put on shower cap to cover your hair and allow the mask to work for 30 minutes. Rinse you hair using a mild shampoo and air dry your hair. With regular use once a week you will get strong shiny hair.

Yogurt, Honey And Olive Oil Hair Mask For Shiny, Lustrous Hair

3. DIY Deep Conditioning Yogurt Hair Mask For Dry, Frizzy Hair:

This mask works incredibly well for dry frizzy hair. Along with goodness of yogurt and honey this hair mask contains coconut oil which will provide deep conditioning to your hair penetrating deeply into the hair shaft and moisturizing them from within. You will get soft, shiny hair with getting them greasy.


• 2 tablespoons plain yogurt
• 1 tablespoon honey
• ½ to 1tsp. coconut oil according to your hair length.


Melt the coconut oil and mix all the ingredients and apply the mask on your scalp and entire hair from root to tip. Massage the scalp and allow the mask to work. Wash your hair as usual to get lustrous shiny hair. Repeat this treatment once a week to get desired result.

DIY Deep Conditioning Yogurt Hair Mask For Dry, Frizzy Hair

4. Yoghurt And Aloe Vera Hair Masks For Soft, Shiny Hair:


2 tbsp. Aloe Vera Gel
1tbsp. honey
2 tbsp. plain yogurt
1tbsp. olive oil


Mix Aloe Vera gel and honey and blend well. Add yogurt and olive oil and blend once again. Apply the mask on your entire hair. Wear shower cap and allow the mask to work for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and mild shampoo. No need to use conditioner. The mask itself will work as best conditioner. Honey, olive oil and yogurt are great moisturizing agent and Aloe Vera with its excellent healing property will heal your dry damage hair, combat dandruff. Together these ingredients will make your hair soft and shiny.

Yogurt And Aloe Vera Hair Masks For Soft, Shiny Hair

5.  Yoghurt And Egg Hair Mask For Shiny, Silky Hair:

Our hairs are made up of protein. Eggs are great source of protein egg yolk are high in protein and fat that can moisturize dry, brittle hair and egg white is an excellent remedy for cleansing the scalp of oil and dirt. Lactic acid contained in yogurt gently strips away product build up and dirt and moisturized the scalp and hair. Combination of yogurt and egg is very effective remedy for reversing hair damage and add shine and softness to your hair.


I egg
4 tbsp. plain yogurt


Mix egg yolk and yogurt thoroughly to get smooth consistency. C0at your hair and scalp with this mask and cover the hair with a shower cap. Leave the mask on your hair for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with cool water. Shampoo your hair as usual. Use this mask once a month to maintain shiny, silky texture of your hair.

 Yogurt And Egg Hair Mask For Shiny, Silky Hair

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