5 Homemade Hair Packs For Hair Fall

Hair is the crown for each and every woman on earth. It is a main feature that represents our beauty. Nowadays hair loss has become a worldwide issue. Insufficient hair care, pollution and stress are some of the reasons for the rise of hair fall among women. There are many hair creams and oils available at market to solve this problem. However, nature is always the better option. Numerous hair masks can be prepared at home to reduce hair loss. Moreover the ingredients can be easily obtained from your kitchen and it is way cheaper when compared to treatments at beauty salons and parlors.

Here Are 5 Homemade Hair Packs That You Can Give A Try:

1. Avocado Hair Pack

Take a small ripe avocado and mix it with some milk, almond oil and olive oil. Grind them into a fine paste. Apply this cream evenly on your hair especially on the roots of your hair. Wash off with cold water after 15-20 min. Avocado has the ability to restore the strength of your hair strands which in turn can reduce hair fall. It can enhance the smoothness of the hair as well. Follow this remedy at least twice a week for better results.

Avocado Hair packs

2. Rosemary Hair Pack

One of the reasons of rapid hair loss is having weak hair follicles. This problem can be solved by applying rosemary hair pack at least once a week. Rosemary can increase the strength of the hair follicles. Simply take a handful of rosemary and chop them finely. Add them into water and boil it for a few min. Allow the mixture to cool and strain it. Pour the water on your hair and scalp. Massage gently and then wash off after half an hour. It is better to use lukewarm water to rinse your hair.

Rosemary Hair Pack

3. Egg Hair Pack

Egg has been used to treat hair related issues since the ancient days. The minerals in eggs can ensure in reducing hair loss at a quicker pace. Take an egg and remove the egg yolk. The white part of the egg is sufficient enough for this purpose. Combine it with 4 tablespoons of milk and some olive oil. Mix them well and apply on your hair and scalp. Massage your head for a few minutes and cover your head with a plastic or shower cap for 20-30 min. Then rinse off with cold water.

Egg Hair Pack

4. Green Tea Hair Pack

Prepare some green tea for this treatment. Take 2-3 tablespoons of the green tea and mix it with an egg yolk. Beat them until a velvety cream has formed. Rub the paste from the root to tip of your hair. Apply on your scalp as well. Allow it to completely dry off before washing with cold water and mild shampoo. Green tea can decrease the rate of hair fall if this therapy is followed continuously. It also promotes hair growth which is a boon for those experiencing from hair loss problems.

Green Tea Hair pack


5. Gooseberry Hair Pack

Gooseberry is an ideal fruit to tackle hair loss and toughens the hair follicles as well. Beat one egg white and add it to 2 gooseberries which had been grinded into a smooth cream. Pour some water to make it into a paste. This hair pack must not be applied on the scalp. Rub the paste on the strands of your hair particularly on the root. Wash off after 20 min. Do this once a week continuously for a few months to obtain the desired results.

Gooseberry Hair pack

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