5 Heartwarming Romantic Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

Not only objects of daily use, cultures, places, animals etc serve as great inspirations for tattoo designs, but human emotions, liking, fear etc also give birth to attractive tattoos. Love is perhaps the greatest of all human emotions. Love tattoos cover romantic tattoos too. Romantic tattoo known as couple tattoo is very popular among fashionable tattoo lovers.

Meaning of Romantic Tattoo

It is already told that romantic tattoos are born out of emotion that is love. Romantic tattoos depict love between a man and a woman. Couple deep in love with each other does romantic tattoos on body. Mostly elements which depict love serve as romantic tattoos. Sometimes relation between couple breaks up or tends to suffer turmoils. Doing a romantic tattoo on body means to strengthen the bond through storms in life. A romantic tattoo symbolizes peace and humanity too.

A romantic tattoo can be done in anywhere on the body. The appropriate places are arms, hands, wrists, shoulder, back, side of the body, legs particularly thighs.

Here Are 5 Heartwarming Romantic Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Couple Name Tattoo Designs

This is the most common form of romantic tattoos. Couple contacts a tattoo artist. The artist does their names on each others body. Sometimes plain names are done while sometimes a heart image carries names.

Couple Name Tattoo Designs

2. Heart Tattoos

A heart symbol particularly a red heart is the most appropriate symbol that suggests love. A man or woman sometimes does this heart tattoo on body in order to say that he or she believes in power of love or have fallen in love.

Heart Tattoos

3. Romeo & Juliet Tattoo Designs

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is perhaps the greatest cultural romantic element in the history of mankind. Several romantic tattoos have lines and quotes from the great literary work. A favorite tattoo design for people who are in love.

Romeo & Juliet Tattoo Designs

4. Titanic Tattoos

Film maker James Cameron’s epic romantic movie Titanic is perhaps the second greatest romantic cultural element of this planet. The tragic love story became a huge hit. It is still popular even today. Several elements from the movie like actors, the ship etc  serve as Titanic tattoos.

Titanic Tattoos

5. Heart With Anchor Tattoo Designs

It is mentioned earlier that sometimes relation between couple faces storms in life. An anchor image in body stands for staying stable during turmoil of life. That is why there are some interesting romantic tattoos that show a heart image with anchor and chain. So you want to have romantic tattoo on your body, kindly choose from the list given here.

Heart With Anchor Tattoo Designs

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