5 Hairstyles That You Can Do Using Scarf Or Bandana

Retro style is making a comeback and so are hairstyles with scarves. If you are looking to add some flair to your hair and create a whimsical look, then you must definitely try the hairdos with scarves. Check out a few fun hair twists with the scarves here.

Here Are 5 Hairstyles That You Can Do Using Scarf Or Bandana

1. Head Band

Take a scarf and fold it lengthwise. Gather all your hair to the side and make a braid. Wrap the folded scarf around the hairline. Tie it at the place where you have begun the side braid. The scarf will make your braid look decorated. Aviators or cute boho sunglasses will compete the look.

Head Band

2. Ponytail With Scarf

Tie your hair into a loose medium height ponytail and secure it using a band. Pull out a few loose locks around the face to create a tousled look. Tie the scarf around the ponytail and make a bow. Curl the loose bangs in the front and finish with a spray.

Ponytail With Scarf

3. Braided Style

Pull all hair to the back and secure it into a low ponytail using a band. Make a big bow using the scarf on the top, slightly below the crown. Remove the band used to secure the ponytail and start braiding the hair into a regular three stranded braid. Braid the scarf along with your hair and tie the ends of the braid using the scarf.

Braided Style

4. Simple Updo

Start with a deep side parted hair and section out a few front bangs. Grasp the remaining hair and create a twisted high bun at the back. Use bobby pins to secure the bun at place. With the help of a curling iron, curl the front section and sweep it off the face. Wrap the bandana like a head band around the head and tie a square knot at the top slightly off the centre.

Simple Updo

5. Tuck And Roll

Wear a thin but tight headband that holds back the front hair. Tie the scarf around your head, slightly over the top of your forehead. Starting from the left side, pull thin sections of hair and roll them and tuck them into the scarf on the backside. Continue doing the same until all hair is tucked into the scarf band. Widen the tucked hair to cover the scarf. Push the scarf off the forehead so that it cascades over the first band and covers it.

Tuck And Roll


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