5 Hairstyle Ideas For Damaged Hair

Dry, broken, stiff and multiple textured hair is difficult to deal with. It is annoying when it comes to styling them. The split ends and damaged, broken locks show up and you cannot wear your favorite hairdos anymore. Is there any other means to hide the damages without chopping them off? Why not, there are a lot of hairstyles that help conceal the problematic areas and make you look stylish. Want to know what those styles are? Read on.

Here Are 5 Hairstyle Ideas For Damaged Hair

1. Classic Bun

Buns are a very practical hairstyle to hide the split ends and look more chic. A high bun will draw attention towards the cheek bones and give an instant uplift to your face. Gather all your hair on the top and make a tight high ponytail. Twist the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band to create a bun. This style will brighten your face and will give you a more classic, modern and sophisticated look.

Classic Bun

2. Chignon

Chignon is an elegant hairstyle and one of the favorites that will hide all the raggy locks and make the look just perfect. Start with a center parted hair and section the hair in the front and clip it. Pull the rest of the hair into a loose ponytail at the back. Twist the front section of hair on both the sides to make a ponytail that sits just above the first ponytail. Coalesce both ponytails and create three braids by sectioning the hair. Twist the braided hair and pin it into a low bun. Widen the braids to conceal the gaps and leave a few soft bangs in the front to complete the look.


3. Stylish Side Braid

Braids cover up the damaged hair by grouping the sad sections together with the remaining healthy hair and help keep damage under control. A side braid is very popular among young women today. So, if you have damaged hair, you can still manage to make it look stylish without chopping it down by trying a side fishtail braid. Simply pull the hair into a low side ponytail and make a fishtail braid. Secure the ends with a band and widen the braid. A loose lock on the opposite side of the braid will amp up the look.

Stylish Side Braid

4. Loose Curls

Loose curls are so romantic and will compliment any face shape. It is a pretty hairstyle that would suit any occasion and everyone will go gaga over your style. However, did you know it is a great hairstyle to cover up the damaged locks too? Awesome right! To create the style, first brush your hair and coat it with a smoothing cream. Divide hair into sections and clip them. Start curling the sections from ends towards the top. Use a hairspray to lock the curls and hold the hair in place. Tousle the curls using your fingers to create loose waves.

Loose Curls

5. Faux Dreadlocks

This totally cool hairstyle is just perfect when you want to hide those split ends. You can texture the hair using a styling paste, so that when you twist the dry ends will not show much. Divide the hair into half from one to the other ear. Gather this hair right at the top of your head and clip section. Start working from the bottom half. Tightly secure the top part of the hair, as you will work from bottom to top. Take one inch sections from the bottom loose hair. In case, you want smaller dreads, you can take half inch. Apply strong hair gel to each section. Leave about one inch gap from the hair root to protect your hair and scalp health. Twist your hair till the end. Continue doing it with every section until the whole head is covered with lovely fake dreadlocks. Wait until the hair gel dries naturally. Use a hairspray to hold the locks

Faux Dreadlocks

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