5 Great Finger Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

Fashion conscious men and women normally want to do medium to large size tattoo on body that can attract attention of other people. That is why they choose places on body which are fit for those tattoos. In this regard finger is a tiny place where a tattoo of very small size only can be done. But strangely enough people like to do tattoo on finger too. Any generic tattoo can be done in small size in any place of a finger. Men as well as women like to do  tattoo on finger. This is becoming something of a craze to tattoo lovers now a days.

Here Are 5 Great Finger Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Ring Tattoo On Finger

Whenever the word finger is uttered the first image that comes into mind is a ring. There are plenty of ring tattoo designs found in the market. A tattoo lover has to choose a design and do it in tiny size on his or her ring finger.

Ring Tattoo On Finger

2. Feather Tattoo On Finger

A feather is a soft flexible thing that stands for feminine beauty as well as flexibility. As a feather belongs to a bird therefore it also symbolizes living freely like bird. To some ancient cultures like American Indian feather represents courage and bravery. In India a feather has spiritual value. Women particularly like to have peacock feather on finger.

Feather Tattoo On Finger

3. Deer Head Tattoo On Finger

A deer is a beautiful wild animal which has great looking horn on its head. Deer stands for agility and colorful feminine beauty. For this reason tattoo lovers specially women do deer head tattoo on a finger with ornamental horn. This kind of tattoo extends and illustrates parts of hand too.

Deer Head Tattoo On Finger

4. Diamond Tattoo On Finger

Diamond is a very precious thing on earth. A diamond stands for enormous wealth and fortune. It is a kind of symbol for good luck too. Men as well as women like to have diamond tattoo on finger. A diamond tattoo on ring finger sometimes substitutes for ring also.

Diamond Tattoo On Finger

5. Music Note Tattoo On Finger

Music is one of the most popular performing art forms in the world. People who love music and people who sing, compose songs or play musical instruments like to do music note tattoo on finger. A music note tattoo stands for love, respect and admiration for the art form music.

Music Note Tattoo On Finger

So you like to have a finger tattoo, kindly choose from the list given here.

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